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Boats Designed by Harrison Butler

Boats derived from Harrison Butler's designs are
indexed separately : Invited Friends of the HBA


A : Harrison Butler Designed
Alexa (ex Envys) Sail N° none
Allegro (Became Zebedee)
Almonde Sail N° H•452
Amiri Sail N° S M 63
Andiron Sail N° ---
Ara Sail N° ---
Arbrook (Became Jane)
Ard Chuan Sail N° ---
Ardene (Became Dream of Arden)
Ardglass Sail N° ---
Argo Sail N° none
Ariel (Became Elgris)
Askadil Sail N° none
Astrophel Sail N° ---
Avocet (ex Wee Bess) Sail N° ---
B : Harrison Butler Designed
Ballerina (Northern Ireland) Sail N° ---
Ballerina (New Zealand) Sail N° ---
Beau Geste (Became Dindy)
Bismillah (ex Leueen) Sail N° ---
Bolduster Sail N° ---
Bonveen (Became Va Danser)
Brenda Sail N° ---
C : Harrison Butler Designed
Caracole Sail N° none
Cariad (Became Myfanwy)
Catriona Sail N° ---
Cautious Clara Sail N° none
Chencharu (ex Pegasus of Penang) Sail N° ---
Chiquita (ex Selma) Sail N° ---
Chloe Broken Up 1998 Sail N° ---
Cimba Wrecked, 1990 Sail N° ---
Clare (ex Norah II) Sail N° ---
Clio II (Became Coot)
Cobber (ex Wraith) Sail N° 35
Constar Sail N° ---
Coot (ex Clio II) Sail N° ---
Cora A Sail N° none
Coverly (Became Memory)
Cruinneag Sail N° ---
Crusader Sail N° ---
Curlew (Became Zebedee)
Cyclone Sail N° ---
Cyclone (New Zealand boat, see Senorita)
Cyclone I (Became Mouette)
D : Harrison Butler Designed
D'Vara Sail N° none
Darling Sail N° ---
Davinka Sail N° ---
Destina (ex Phoebe) Sail N° 32
Diana Sail N° ---
Dilys Sail N° ---
Dindy (ex Beau Geste) Sail N° ---
Discorde Info sought.
Dorado of Keyhaven (ex Merope) Sail N° none
Dorothea Sunk 1967 Sail N° none
Dream of Arden (ex Ardene) Sail N° ---
E : Harrison Butler Designed
Edith Rose Sail N° ---
Envys (Became Alexa)
Elgris (ex Ariel, Zoe) Sail N° ---
Englyn I Sail N° ---
Erin Sail N° ---
Erla Sail N° none
Ethelinda (Became Rama II)
Evadne Sail N° ---
F : Harrison Butler Designed
Fairwind of Kinsale Sail N° ---
Faoileag Sail N° ---
Faraway Lost at sea 1967/1968 Sail N° ---
Fastnet Sail N° ---
Fatima (See Fatmeh)
Fieber (Became Jane)
Fleetwing (wooden) (ex Seagull) Sail N° ---
Free Spirit Sail N° ---
Freiga Sail N° H
G : Harrison Butler Designed
Galatea Sail N° ---
Garleffan Sail N° ---
Gem Z4 for sale Southampton 1990 by Penny Gerrard : Info sought.
Græalan (ex Laughing Water, Swan Song) Sail N° ---
Grebe Info sought.
Greylag (ex Solo) Sail N° 1864Y
Grey Owl Sail N° ---
H : Harrison Butler Designed
Hallowe'en Sail N° none
Helen Jane (Became Svalen)
Here Now (Became June)
Hobby Sail N° ---
Hurricane Sail N° ---
I : Harrison Butler Designed
Ibis Sail N° ---
Igor Sail N° ---
Imke (ex West Wind) Sail N° ---
Ipora Sail N° ---
Irana Omega design : Info sought.
Irmiger The only build to the 1943 Irmiger design. Info sought.
Isabella Sail N° ---
Isis Sail N° ---
Itek Itam Sail N° ---
J : Harrison Butler Designed
Jacaranda Sail N° ---
Jane (ex Arbrook, Fieber) Sail N° ---
Jarbruck (Became Stormalong
Jardine Sail N° none
Jaslia Sail N° ---
Jolanda Sail N° ---
June (ex Here Now, Tuskar) Sail N° ---
K : Harrison Butler Designed
Kandoo (ex Possum) Sail N° ---
Kastag Sail N° ---
Keepsake Sail N° ---
Kelana Sail N° none
Kialen Built to Bogle design : Info sought.
Kingfisher (Became Little Kingfisher)
L : Harrison Butler Designed
La Bonne Sail N° none
Laughing Water (Became Græalan)
Leueen (Became Bismillah)
Lierka (ex Thema II) Sail N° ---
Lindy II Sail N° none
Little Kingfisher (ex Kingfisher) Sail N° ---
Little Wych Sail N° ---
Little Zahry Sail N° ---
Lord Jim OGA Boat Number 1131 in 1993 : Info sought
M : Harrison Butler Designed
Magellan Cloud (Became Watermaiden)
Marieux (ex St Julian) Sail N° none
Mary Gray Sail N° Z26
Mary Niven Sail N° ---
Mat Ali Sail N° 35
Mayfly Sail N° ---
Memory (UK) (ex Coverly) Sail N° none
Memory (New Zealand) Sail N° none
Memory (Became Svalen)
Merope (Became Dorado of Keyhaven)
Merrythought Sail N° none
Minion Sail N° none
Mischief III Sail N° HB Y1
Mist Built to the 1909 Hong Kong design : Info sought.
Morena (Became Tramontana)
Mouette (ex Cyclone I) Sail N° RF 18
Muircaidh (ex Rohaneen) Sail N° ---
Myfanwy (ex Cariad) Sail N° ---
Mytica Sail N° ---
N : Harrison Butler Designed
Naiad Sail N° 688Y
Naida Sail N° none
Norah II (Became Clare)
Nunki Sail N° ---
O : Harrison Butler Designed
Olador Dream of Arden design, located in Greece : Info sought.
Omega Breeze Sail N° ---
Omega of Broom Sail N° "Greek letter Omega"
Omega of Vancouver Not Built
Omicron Sail N° ---
Onoma (Became Sea Falconet)
Othona Sail N° none
P : Harrison Butler Designed
Papillon Thuella design, located in Portugal : Info sought.
Patricia Zyklon design : Info sought
Pegasus of Penang (Became Chencharu)
Pengüino Sail N° ---
Peradventure Sail N° none
Phoebe (Became Destina)
Pilgrim * Englyn design, in Uruguay in 2002 : Info sought
Possum (Became Kandoo)
Prima Sail N° ---
Primavera * Thuella design, located in Hobart : Info sought
Py Sail N° ---
Q : Harrison Butler Designed
Quest Sail N° none
Quest of Sydney Sail N° none
R : Harrison Butler Designed
Rama II (ex Ethelinda) Sail N° 396
Reform Thuella London 1949 Chris Cooper Nick & Julie Perrott.
Rohaneen (Became Muircaidh)
Romadi Sail N° 67Y
Rose of Arden Sail N° none
S : Harrison Butler Designed
Sabrina Sail N° 35
Sage Sail N° none
Saltwind Sail N° ---
Sara Sail N° ---
Sarah John : Z4, John Fieldgate, refit St Osyth Boatyard Jul 1953
Seagull (Became Fleetwing)
Sea Falconet (ex Onoma) Sail N° ---
Sea Rider (Became Yarinya)
Sea Saga (Became Zingara)
Seasalter (Built in Australia) Sail N° HB37
Sea Salter (Built in Britain) Sail N° ---
Selamat Sail N° none
Selma (Became Chiquita)
Senorita (ex Cyclone) Sail N° ---
Seven Seas Sail N° ---
Shamrock Dream of Arden design, in Argentina 2002 : Info sought
Soliloquy Located in Sydney, Jeff Penfold-Hyland : Info sought
Sister (Became Sorella)
Sofia Sail N° ---
Solo (Became Greylag)
Sorella (ex Sister) Total Loss 1967/1968 Sail N° ---
St Julian (Became Marieux)
Stormalong (ex Jarbruck) Sail N° ---
Suzanna II Sail N° C42
Svalen (ex Helen Jane, Memory) Sail N° Z44
Swan Song (Became Græalan)
T : Harrison Butler Designed
Talofa Sail N° ---
Tamaroa Sail N° ---
Thalamege Sail N° ---
Thalia Sail N° none
The Lady Mary of Woodbridge (ex Tofana, Wild Flower) Sail N° none
Thema II (Became Lierka)
The Truant * Located in the Clyde : Info sought.
Thuella Sail N° KA M101
Thule Sail N° ---
Tofana (Became The Lady Mary of Woodbridge)
Tradewind Sail N° ---
Tramontana (ex Morena) Sail N° none
Trana Total Loss 1951/1952 Sail N° ---
Treize Sail N° ---
Tuskar (Became June)
U : Harrison Butler Designed
Undine Cyclone design : Info sought
V : Harrison Butler Designed
Va Danser (ex Bonveen) Sail N° ---
Vagabond Sail N° none
Velella Zyklon design, built in Italy : Info sought
Vindilis Sail N° HB 25
W : Harrison Butler Designed
Wanda Thuella design, Henry Wakelam's boat : Info sought. Sail N° ---
Watermaiden (ex Magellan Cloud, Water Wraith II) Sail N° ---
Water Wraith II (Became Watermaiden)
Wee Bess (Became Avocet)
Wendy Sail N° ---
West Wind (Became Imke)
White Squall Khamseen design : Info sought
Wildflower (Became The Lady Mary of Woodbridge)
Winnibelle Sail N° --- (RF 41)
Wraith (Became Cobber)
X : Harrison Butler Designed
     . . . . .
Y : Harrison Butler Designed
Yarinya (ex Sea Rider) Sail N° none
Yoldia Sail N° 60
Yonne Sail N° ---
Z : Harrison Butler Designed
Zair Sail N° ---
Zante Sail N° ---
Zebedee (ex Allegro, Curlew) Sail N° 16
Zellée Sail N° ---
Zemmery Sail N° ---
Zenocrate Sail N° ---
Zephon Sail N° Z4
Zephir Sail N° none
Zest Broken up 2013 Sail N° ---
Zeta Sail N° ---
Zingara (ex Sea Sage) Sail N° none
Zingaro Sail N° ---
Zircon Sail N° Z25
Zoe (Became Elgris)
Zoraida Sail N° ---
Zyclon Sail N° ---

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