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Shy Bird Last Spotted in France
What I know about Ibis comes from a couple of advertisements from 1999, one in French, the other in English.
The photograph, above, is from the French advertisement and is of a charming small cruiser, ideal for costal hopping in fine weather along the North Brittany coast, her home waters at the time. She came without an engine, her seller enthusing about the resulting shallow draught and the fact that she could, in consequence, be sculled up interesting creeks. Ibis was Gaff cutter rigged, the varnished spruce mast, spars and bowsprit being described as “in perfect condition”. The seller was, however, asking £12000. This seems somewhat optimistic to me, but the advertisement was written before the financial crisis of 2008 ! The English advertisement is reproduced below.
I do not know if she sold or not for Ibis has since dropped off the Association's sonar. Ping us if you detect her !

Ibis advert

Ibis Statistics
Built : 1935 by Harry Feltham of Portsmouth
LOA : 21' 4"
LWL : 19' 0"
Beam : 3' 10"
Draught : 1.10 metres
Displacement : 3.6 tons TM

Ibis Custodians
Christian Legay (last known)
Edward Burnett (past owner)

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