Quest of Sydney 

 (ex Quest)

Vindilis Design : Published 1931 



New Custodian Required, July 2018
Quest of Sydney is looking for a new custodian at no charge to an appropriate person. She requires restoration, particularly the deck. Quest is stored at Airlie Beach in Queensland, Australia and the matter is being handled by Doug Hicks.
Mobile 0429 344 651 (if you are in Australia)
A PDF flyer  gives further detail about saving this beautiful yacht

Originally called simply Quest, she is New Zealand built and was sailed to Sydney in 1980, thereafter the of Sydney being added. There she was enthusiastically raced in Australian waters for many years.
In Harrison Butler's book, Cruising Yachts, Design and Performance, there is an old photograph of Quest; the following image, only recently found, was taken in the same year, probably 1937.

Quest 1937

Previously unknown to the Association, a photograph belonging to the late Eric Midgley has been found of Quest being launched on 10th December 1936.

Quest being launched in 1936
Harold Kidd has identified most of the people in the photograph. From left to right : A Saint John's "Zambuck", WA (Wilkie) Wilkinson of the Auckland Star, a Vos employee, the matriarch Mrs Sarah Wood. Milton Wood and his niece Miss Muriel Sarson are swinging the Champagne, the rightmost person remains unidentified.
Milton Wood's brother, Lincoln, has the Harrison Butler designed Memory built.

Quest of Sydney Statistics
Built : 1936 by Percy Vos in Auckland, New Zealand
LOA : 30' 0"
LWL : 22' 6"
Beam : 8' 7"
Draught : 4' 4"
Displacement : 7 tons TM

Quest of Sydney Custodians & Home Ports
John Steamer Stanley (2014-2018...) Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia
John Taylor (2003-2014)
John Steamer Stanley (1995-2003)
Matthew Holliday (?-1993-1995)
Kathy Veel (?-1984-1989-?) Sydney, Australia
L Milton Wood (1936-?, first owner) Devonport, New Zealand

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PDF flyer offering Quest of Sydney to “The Right Person” 

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