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Bad News About Sofia, the 2007 Falmouth New Build
The Association's Honorary Treasurer, Peter Crook, has sent in the above photograph which was taking at a boat naming ceremony, April 2007. It was to celebrate the start of a Harrison Butler 'New Build' and the guest of Honour was the Assiciation's then President, the late Joan Jardine Brown. Alas, disaster overtook, Sofia a few years later, after just one season afloat. Details are sketchy but her demise is intimately tied in with flooding of her custodians house, Sofia being neglected in the resulting battle to save the home, whilst fresh water inside Sofia caused rot beyond what could be repaired.

Sofia Statistics
Built : in 2007, Falmouth
LOA : 26' 10"
LWL : 22' 6"
Beam : 8' 9"
Draught : 4' 9"
Displacement : 7.5 tons TM

Sofia Custodians & Home Ports 
Peter Collet (2007-2012) Falmouth

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