Omicron Design : Published 1940 



Small but Perfectly Formed
Following the reminder Robert Griffiths sent out about the October 2015 Laying Up Supper, Mark Jack has been in touch. He's owned Omicron for the last 15 years. The above photograph shows her behind the classic launch Mandalay in Whangarei harbour, New Zealand. She was restored here, in Whangarei, the most northerly city in New Zealand, by Mikes Hughes a few years ago. Mike is still involved in her care, especially when Mark is away for an extended period with his work. 


Omicron Statistics
Built : 1947 by Voss and Co in Auckland, New Zealand
LOA : 20' 0"
LWL : 17' 0"
Beam : 6' 5"
Draught : 3' 9.5"
Displacement : 2.5 tons TM

Omicron Custodians & Home Ports
Mark Jack (2000-2016...) Whangarei, New Zealand

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