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Thalamege : In Distress - Project For Sale, August 2019
Last heard of in 2005, Thalamege was offered at an auction at Medemblik in the Netherlands in July 2016. The guide price was €8,000. She didn't sell, the price was reduced to £4,200 and Bart Boersma snapped up what seemed to be a bargain with a bid of €2500, accepted in 2017. However, this was before Bart saw her true condition; she's been left standing outside a shed rather than inside as he was led to believe. With Bart pulling out, Robert Moree has stepped in as a guardian whilst a suitable new owner is sought. Update : August 2019 : Anyone interested in taking on the project should email me, Martin Hansen, for recent pictures and contact details.
Paul Leinthall-Cowman, HBA Authentication Officer, has determined that, like Hallowe'en, she's one of two Yonne designs built in Emsworth. It's known that Thalamege had a substantial refurbishment six years ago but, mysteriously, was not sailed once it was completed. This included a new rudder with stainless steel pintles, a new bow roller, new deck and a new Samson post.
For many years, in the 1970s and 1980s, Thalamege was stationed in Barry, Wales then moved to the Colchester area. In 2005 Marco told the HBA that; “Structurally she is in good condition. I have removed the original tradmark of the deck on surveyor's advice but no sign of decay has been found. Currently I am re-painting her and replacing all toe rails, rubbing streaks, and deck fittings. I am hoping to sail her to Holland, April 2006. Currently she's still in the Walton Backwaters where she has been sailing since 1991”.

Thalamege Statistics
Built : 1935 at Emsworth Shipyard Co Ltd, Emsworth
LOA : 26' 6"
LWL : 23' 0"
Beam : 8' 7"
Draught : 4' 6"
Displacement : 7 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 163696, Southampton

Lloyd's Number
The 163696 confirms that this boat is indeed, Thalamege

Thalamege Custodians
Robert Moree (2018...) Medemblik, Netherlands
Demir & unknown (?-2016-2018) Medemblik, Netherlands
Marco Lemkes (2003-2005-?) Walton Backwaters, England
George Henderson (1994-?) West Mersey, Essex, England
Martin Carey & George Henderson (1991-1994) West Mersey, Essex, England
CD Pugh (1973 - 1991) Barry, Wales
Dr JM Wilks (1962-1972-?) Salcombe, Devon, England
Victor H Doree (1954-1961) Salcombe, Devon, England
HR Barber (?-1939-1954) Southampton
KP Herron (1935-1937-?) Southampton

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