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Zenocrate on the River Dart, July 2014

The Philosopher's Boat
I met Zenocrate's previous owner, Graham Room, aboard this charming boat on the River Dart, August 2014. Graham had been busy sorting out her rigging by studying pictures that I'd sent him of similar boats Mary Gray  and Zircon. Although he'd clearly done a terrific job in getting her back in commision, Graham felt that the needs of an old wooden boat were beyond his DIY skills. Consequently, he was going to put her up for sale.
Zenocrate was built for the English philosopher and historian, RG Collingwood. He had a difficult time aboad her; “Collingwood suffered his second stroke on 28th August 1938 aboard Zenocrate, moored up in the Beaulieu River, taking refuge from particularly stormy weather which had required the coastguards rescuing him from rough seas, and aborting his prospective four-month cruise”
I believe Collingwood published “Zenocrate: Her Log” but have been unable to confirm.
Zenocrate has been sold to a Frenchman, but we've now lost contact with her.

 Zenocrate being launched, 1938
Zenocrate being launched in 1938
She was built for the philosopher RG Collingwood
who wrote his autobiography aboard her

Zenocrate Statistics
Built : 1938 by Alfred Lockhart Ltd, Brentford, Essex
LOA : 21' 0"
LWL : 19' 0"
Beam : 7' 1"
Draught : 4' 0"
Displacement : 4 tons TM
Lloyd's Regester N° 166457, London


Zenocrate Custodians & Home Ports
Didier Griffiths (2015-2016...) France
Graham Room (2014-2015) River Dart
Alan Yeo (?-2010-2014) Torpoint
Clive Barton (past owner)
Tim Phillips (?-2001-2002-?)
Tim & Sharon Stevens (past owner)
John & Mike Atwell (?-1989-?) Hamble River
John Winkworth (?-1982-?)
Bruce S McCreddie (?-1980-?) Yealm
RW Measom (1969 - 1977 - ?) Yealm
Dr WStL Dowse & RW Measom (?-1959-1968) Plymouth
Dr AC Reid (?-1952- 1954 -?)
RG Collingwood (1938 -?, first owner)

Zenocrate Links
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