10' Dinghy Design : Published 1912 


THB's Fatmeh design

1912 design from Royal Cruising Club Journal
Two Thomas Harrison Butler (THB) designs where amongst nine entered for The Claymore Dighy Competition of 1912. Of the nine, only one, Fatima by THB, was of the pram stub nose type. It is not known if the plans for Fatima still exist. The other eight, including Fatmeh, were all of the more traditional form.
Three of the nine designs were published in the Royal Cruising Club (RCC) Journal of 1912, including that for Fatmeh.

Plan view of Fatmeh

I have a copy of the 1912 RCC Journal in which the full article on the competition runs across some twenty pages. The competition judge makes many interesting comments about what general criteria a ship's dinghy should have before then considering how the competitor's designs measure up against these. I am happy to supply a photocopy of the entire article upon receipt of a stamped addressed envelope. (eMail me first, please)
The Journal itself is difficult to obtain at any price.

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