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Invited Friends

Explained : Invited Friends of the HBA 




A : Invited Friends
Agir (Became Suna)
Almita The centre board, gaff rigged sloop built in 1906 to a design by FB Howden
Amy (Became Stella)
Anna Ellidi (ex Ellidi) Nobby 1914
Anteia (ex Syb) 1938, similarities with Poole Pilot design of 1910
Arka Kinari (ex Mariarosa) 80 ton, 1947
Arlyn Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1954
Acsenov (Became Maud)
B : Invited Friends
Ballon   Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1959
Barbara of Polvarth (Became Veritia)
Bethulie Too (Became Calyx of Ipswich)
C : Invited Friends
Cair Vie Manx Nobby, 1934
Calyx of Ipswich (ex Bethulie Too) Laurent Giles & Partners Ltd, 1970
Caprice II (Became Sionnachan)
Cautious Clara   H Gale, 1910
Cetewayo Laurent Giles & Partners Ltd, 1957
Claudia (Became Philippa)
Cockatoo  Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1954
Cora (Became Stella)
D : Invited Friends
Dawn GU Laws, 1905
Deedas Falmouth Pilot, Warington Smyth, 1960
Duet (ex Gaviota) Linton Hope, 1912
E : Invited Friends
Eenhoorn H121 Askadil Derived, 1939, steel
Elka (ex Gannet) Major AM Bellingham design, built 1936
Ellen Grace MPDB3 Barbican 35, Kim Holman, 1993
Ellidi (Became Anna Ellidi)
Ethel Nobby, 1937
F : Invited Friends
Felicity Al  Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1960
Felicity Ann Ann Davison's boat -first woman to solo the Atlantic in 1953
Fiddler's Green Englyn Derived, 1959
Firefly  Albert Strange & Harrison Butler, 1934
Fleetwing (Steel) THB Attributed
Florence Lavinia (Became Spindrift Of Teynham)
Frangipani  MRBK9 Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1957
Friar Tuck  Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1954
G : Invited Friends
Gadfly * (Became Gadfly Jack and Mai Star II)
Gadfly Jack THB Inspired, 1937
Ganga Devi Derived from HB's Cyclone Design, Steel
Gannet (Became Elka)
Gaviota (Became Duet)
Grackle  Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1938
Greengage   Berthon Boat Co Ltd, 1935
Greensleeves owned by Jim Doyle
H : Invited Friends
Harbringer Nobby, built between 1900 - 1917
Harry B (Became Veritia)
Helen Smitton Watson-Class lifeboat, 1910
I : Invited Friends
Iseult 2HAT, MZJU8 Sidney Burnett, 1909
Ishbel (Became Water Rat)
Islay Major AM Bellingham design, built 1936
Itchen (Became Cautious Clara)
J : Invited Friends
Juanita Nobby, 1912
Judy Anne Derived from HB's Englyn Design
Jua Maurice Griffiths/Bruce Roberts, 2000
Jura (Became Yo-San)
K : Invited Friends
Kapoeas Khamseen Derived, Steel built, 1932
Kara Third Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1954
L : Invited Friends
Ladybird (Became Tern II)
Lalerne (ex Tiger) Luke Bros, 1937
Lone Wolf JDSW, MFBQ Poole Pilot Cutter, 1907
Lorna (Became Stella)
Lundy Gull Built in 2005 to Maurice Griffiths' Lone Gull II design
M : Invited Friends
Magic Modified HB Design, 1997
Magic (Became Red Hackle)
Mai Star II THB Inspired, 1946
Mandamus Bob Anderson, Maurice Griffiths and HB influenced, 1946
Mariarosa (Became Arka Kinari)
Matanga Suffolk One, JE Powell, 1951
Maud (ex Acsenov) William Fife, 1899
May Nobby, 1922
Melissa B Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1959
Morna Dickies Of Tarbert, 1920
Mowa Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1954
N : Invited Friends
Naiad Nobby, 1894
Nan of Kames James McGruer
Night Wind Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1939
O : Invited Friends
Olive Mary The Gaff Cutter built in 1931 to a design by Maurice Griffiths
Outis (Became Shona)
P : Invited Friends
Peggy Nobby, c1910
Philippa (ex Claudia) Major AM Bellingham design, built 1936
Pike (Became Stella)
Ploughboy Nobby, 1901
Prudence (Became Iseult)
Q : Invited Friends
   . . . . .
R : Invited Friends
Radboud Steel, built in the Netherlands in 1935
Red Hackle (ex Magic) Victorian Cutter, W Fife, 1889
Remembrance (Became Stormcock *
Reprieve Poole Pilot Cutter, c1900
Rondelle Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1957
S : Invited Friends
Samphire (Became Wayward)
Sea Scamp (ex Zeizig) Windfall Yacht, 50 sq m, built 1936
Seonella (Became Nan of Kames)
Shona (ex Outis) Albert Strange style Canoe Yawl, built 1914
Silver Fox (Became Silver Seal)
Silver Seal (ex Silver Fox) Gaff Cutter, built 1933, Maurice Griffiths
Singapore Gaff Cutter, built 1931, Maurice Griffiths
Sionnachan Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1959
Snippet George Holmes, built 1913
Spear Maiden built 1952 by Harry Feltham
Spindle Dr Meggy, inspired by HB.
Spindrift Of Teynham (ex Florence Lavinia) Major AM Bellingham design, built 1936
Stella (ex Cora, Amy, Lorna, Pike) GL Watson design, A Robertson built, 1893
Stormcock THB/Albert Strange Collaboration
Suna (ex Agir) Windfall Yacht, 30 sq m, built 1936
Syb (Became Anteia again)
T : Invited Friends
Tammie JS Helyer, 1898, Famous owners include CE Nicholson
Tern II (ex White Kitten, Ladybird) Gaff Yawl, 1899, Claud Worth, Ben Pester
Tiger (Became Lalerne)
Tukker III (See Eenhoorn)
U : Invited Friends
Uldra Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1957
V : Invited Friends
Valiant Fred Shepherd, 1931
Veritia Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1939
W : Invited Friends
Wanderer II Victorian Cutter, W Brighton, 1886
Water Rat THB Attributed
Water Wraith (Built 1913 in Falmouth)
Wayward (ex Samphire) Summers & Payne Gaff Yawl, built 1898
Wendy May Gaff Cutter, built 1936, Maurice Griffiths
Whimsical Waterbug One, JW & A Upham, 1951
White Heather Ashton & Kilner build from 1908
White Kitten (Became Tern II)
White Moth Gaff Ketch, built 1903, John Pain Clarke
Wing Sang Ketch, built 1962, J Francis Jones
Witte Walvis Z4 Attributed For Sale £5,000 (August 2016)
Winterwind Australian boat of uncertain design, built 1963
X : Invited Friends
   . . . . .
Y : Invited Friends 
Yam Seng Large boat, HB inspired, built Far East in 1947
Yanita Fred Parker designed, 1961
Yo-San (ex Jura) Designed & Built by Alexander Robertson, 1903
Z : Invited Friends
Zeizig (Became Sea Scamp)
Ziska Nobby, 1903Zulu (Became Cetewayo)

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