Zyklon (Z4 N°--) Design : Published 1937 


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A Restoration Project Begins...
Kyle Abingdon recently announced that Zoraida, which he bought a year ago as a restoration project, was unlikely to be worked on in the foreseeable future. Rather than continue paying £68 per month storage fee, she was available, free, to a good home. Amusingly, the above exchange on the HBA FaceBook page shows the deal being struck, and Zoraida becoming Ian Bentley's responsibility. There is, alas, a lot that needs sorting out; three hull planks need replacing and a new deck is required in addition to refitting all of the internal teak woodwork which the previous owner removed. She has no rudder, and her old engine, propeller and shaft have gone to the scrapyard. Kyle, a professional boatbuilder, felt that Zoraida was worth saving, and it's good news that he's found someone to take her on.
Meanwhile, I'm curious to know more about Zoraida's history; Can any reader help ?


# Fascinating Facts 
# Zoraida
means “enchanting woman” in Arabic .
# Zoraida is the name for a character in 'Don Quixote' (1606).
# Fascinating Facts

Zoraida Statistics
Built :--
LOA : --
Beam : --
Draught : --
Displacement : --

Zoraida Custodians & Home Ports
Ian Bentley (2016-2019...) Whitstable, Kent
Kyle Abingdon (2014-2016) Whitstable, Kent
Jonothan Carver (?-2014)

Zoraida Links
• Kyle Abingdon's Marine Carpentry Website. (Dead link, July 2019)

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