Yarinya *
(ex Sea Rider * , Pride II)

Yonne Design : Published 1931 



Super New Year's NEWS from the Netherlands, 2015
Gijsbert Visser has got 2015 off to a tremendous start by sending in photographs and details of Yarinya, one of the boats that the Association had lost track of. Here is what Gijsbert has written;
“On behalf of my my father, who is not so familiar with the English language, I'd like to inform you about the current status of the Harrison Butler, Yarinya. She mostly sails on the Dutch IJsselmeer, Waddenzee and along the Dutch coast. Sometimes you will find her on the Dutch inland waters”.
“My father fell in love and bought Yarinya 18 years ago from Peter Moree. She had just been refurbished with a brand new 25 hp diesel engine. In 1983 Peter Moree discovered Yarinya in the Channel Islands on his way back to Holland, whilst sailing around the world in his steel ketch. After concluding his voyage he went back and bought Yarinya. During the subsequent trip to Holland, due to her bad state, she began letting in water. As she was leaking more than could be pumped out, she was sailed onto a Belgian beach and from their transported to Holland by truck”.
“In the years thereafter Yarinya had a major refit; the cabintop, interior, galley and cockpit were all renewed. The hull was completely re-caulked, outer, stem and rudder were renewed, and new sails purchased. After my father bought her in 1998, several other parts were renewed and improved. For example, in the first year the inner stem needed to be removed. Later the rigging and sailplan were brought back to the original as designed by Harrison Butler. This necessitated a new and much longer bowsprit”.
“In 1932 Dr. Harrison Butler (THB) updated one of his earlier designs, the successful Cyclone II, describing it as 'a sports model' with a metacentrically balance hull. Yarinya is one of five Yonnes mentioned in Harrison Butlers book “Cruising Yachts; design and performance”. All five Yonne's are still sailing. The four sisters of Yarinya are; Michief III, Destina, Sabrina and Yonne. In 1933, Yarinya was build by Clemens of Portsmouth who built several THB designed yachts including Michief III (1935) and Yonne. Yarinya was originally build and named as Sea Rider. Her second name was Pride II. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me about our girl” !

Yarinya, 1980s
Yarinya, after her 1980s refit

I can't thank Gijsbert enough for such good news about this famous HB boat. There were two pink stars attached to this boat and so I award one to Gijsbert, the other to his father. Several of her voyages are written up in The Royal Cruising Club Journals, which I'm busy tracking down.
In the Lloyd's registers, Sea Rider* first pops up in 1958. I had her down as a boat that then vanished, but then discovered that in 1962 her name was changed to Yarinya*, another boat that the association had lost track of.

Yarinya, 2000
Yarinya with her original rig restored, 2000

Yarinya Statistics
Built : 1933 by AC Clemens of Portsmouth
LOA : 30' 0"
LWL : 23' 0"
Beam : 8' 6"
Draught : 4' 8"
Displacement : 7 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 186372, Littlehampton

Yarinya Custodians & Home Ports 
Father of Gijsbert Visser (1996-2016...) Ijsselmeer, Netherlands
Peter Moree (c1985-1996) Netherlands
NM Lihou (?-1983-c1985) Guernsey, Channel Islands
Mr & Mrs HEM Thorpe (1970-1977-?) Sark, Channel Islands
Sir Keith Officer OBE, MC (1962-1969) Beaulieu River
LJC Mitchell DSO (?-1958-1962) Littlehampton

Yarinya Links
Yarinya's 1963 cruise, Roving Commissions N° 3, 1963, RCC

Yarinya's Baltic Cruise, Summer 1963
(From RCC Roving Commisions N° 3)

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