Dream of Arden Design : Published 1945 



Historic Meeting in 1973
(From Selamat's published Log, photo by M Danby)
Selamat, was built to a design of the late Harrison Butler in 1948 in Malaya, at the private shipyard of a large estate. The manager of that estate liked the look of Selamat and had a sister ship Chencharu built alongside. Selamat was launched first and from that time the two ships have never been together. But they did not immediately lose touch. The 1948 RCC Journal tells the story of Selamat's voyage from Port Said to England without an engine, and how all the sails were stolen in Syracuse. Very sportingly, the owner of Chencharu flew the whole of his suit of sails from Malaya to me in Syracuse”.
“However, during our stay in Corfu, summer 1973, a young Australian couple hailed me one day, and there tied up just astern of Selamat was Chencharu ! After 24 years the sister ships were in each other's company again. Chencharu's present owners are sailing her by stages from England to Australia”.
Last Known Position
Selamat was for sale in 2006, having been restored by Felix Oliver in 1996. The agent handling the sale, in Italy, was Enrico Zaccagni.

Selamat Statistics
Built : 1948 by Ulu Burnam Shipyard in Perak
LOA : 30' 0"
LWL : 22' 5"
Beam : 6' 0"
Draught : 5' 0"
Displacement : 8.2 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 179790, Penang
Signal Letters : VSZZ

Selamat Custodians & Home Ports
Miss Wendy Funnell (past owner)
K Gregson (?-1980-1995-?) Valletta
EJC Edwards DSC (1949-1977-?) Penang

Selamat Links
“A Mediterranean Meander” in Roving Commissions N° 8, 1968, RCC
Selamat Goes to Greece Again” in Roving Commissions N° 13, 1973, RCC

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