(ex Cyclone I)

Cyclone Design : Published 1919 


Mouette, a Cyclone class Harrison Btler yacht

Swan River Ride
Ann Brodziak has been in touch with news and photographs of Mouette, an Australian Harrison Butler.
Ann writes, "Mouette remains a joy for our whole family, continually charming all who see her at our club or sailing on the Swan River here in Perth. We are currently introducing our youngest grandchild, Innes, 2, to the helm, and he already seems quite at home aboard".
Of the photographs sent by Ann I chose the one above for several reasons. Firstly, the boat has a marvelous pace on, and a happy crew enjoying a perfect day afloat. Secondly, it shows that the boat is immaculately maintained; an eye catcher. And thirdly, the ensign is fluttering wonderfully, proudly affirming 'Australian'.
A while ago ago Ann wrote a piece about Mouette for her website. It's succinct, informative, and well worth a read.
Name Change
Originally called Cyclone I, she was built to the Cyclone design but with modifications agreed between Harrison Butler and Howard Hartman. He used her for 18 years as a fishing vessel. It was when he sold her in 1945 that she was renamed Mouette.
Best Yacht Accolade
Under Rowley Goonan's stewardship in the 1990s, Mouette was restored to mint condition. This culminated in her being awarded “Best Yacht” at Fremantle's Classic Boat Festival.

Mouette Statistics
Built in 1927-1929 by Howard Hartman, Albany, Western Australia
LOA : 24'
Beam : --
Draught : --
Displacement : --

Mouette Custodians & Home Ports
John & Ann Brodziak (1997-2016...) Swan River, Perth, Australia
Rowley Goonan (1991-1997) Perth, Australia
... unknown owners ...
Keith Smith (1979-1983) Albany, Australia
Ken Smith (1969-1974) Albany, Australia
“Ossie” Smallwood (1960-1969) Albany, Australia
Denis Robinson (1948-1960) Albany, Australia
Trevor Hill (1947-1948) Albany, Australia
“Sailor” Lewis (1945-1947) Albany, Australia
Howard Hartman (1927-1945) Migo Island, Australia

Mouette Links
Ann blogs about Mouette

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