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Askadil Design : Published 1934 


Alexa, Harrison Butler Askadil class yacht

Alexa : For Sale, May 2021
One of the more substantive of the Harrison Butler boats, Alexa, has just come onto the market with The Classic Yacht Brokerage, at a most reasonable price. It's not a purchase to be made, however, by someone without some wooden boat know-how, as she's being sold as a refurbishment project, half completed. Originally constructed of first-class materials and with a high standard of workmanship this is indeed a desirable yacht with enormous potential. All the more so for it being over forty years since she was last on the market. Located in the south of England, there are several Harrison Butler bofins close to hand to help an enthusiastic new owner get her spruced up and into sailing form once again.
Alexa : Some History
Many of Alexa's adventures in the late 1950s, under the command of Captain C W McMullen DSC RN, are recorded in the Royal Cruising Club Journals. In particular, his article on an Eastabout Cruise of the United Kingdom was awarded the RCC Challenge Cup in 1958. Older members of the association will recal that she was the much loved yacht of Patrick Gibson, a former chairman.

Alexa Statistics
Built : 1934 by K R Skentelbery of Plymouth
LOA : 29' 6"
LWL : 25' 0"
Beam : 8' 9"
Draught : 4' 9"
Displacement : 8 tons TM
Lloyd's Registration N° : 162916, Plymouth

Alexa Custodians & Home Ports
Sara Fentiman (2014-2021...) Birdham Pool, Chichester
Patrick & Lesley Gibson (?-2014)
Rear Admiral Robert Spencer Warne CB CBE (1973-1985-?) Chichester
Capt. C W McMullen DSC RN (1958-1972, as Alexa) Bosham
Lt. Col. RPJ Mitchell (?-1947-1958) Plymouth
Dr. W Brownlow-Smith (1938-1939-?) Plymouth
Dr. G A Gassman (1934-1937) Plymouth

R S Warne
In the New Year's Honours of 1945, Captain RS Warne, commanding the Third Submarine Flotilla, received the CBE, not only for the work of operational submarines under his command, but for bringing forward and working up a large number of new and refitted submarines.
Photograph from the Imperial War Museum

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Alexa For Sale (May 2021) 

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