Yonne Design : Published 1931 

Sabrina in June 2018


Prunella The Sunk Yonne
Harrison Butler's Yonne design has come to be well regarded for it resulted in a boat that is both pretty and relatively fast; "the sports model" was how HB described it. The photograph above shows a Yonne designed boat, Sabrina, racing along in the Solent, June 2018. Officially, nine boats are known to have been built, all still in existence. However, in July 2018 the HBA began looking into a comment made in passing by our late president, Joan Jardine-Brown about a tenth Yonne. Called Prunella Joan said she sank in Hong Kong in 1953. Our Authentication Officer, Paul Leinthall-Cowman, can recall Joan talking about this boat. A search through the old HBA Newsletters found that Joan put into writing a little about Prunella, reproduced below from the Winter 1994 presidents letter.

Prunella in 1994 HBA Newsletter

Very little else is known about Prunella but extensive detail about the Yonne design in general, including typical dimensions is here which includes links to the nine known Yonne designed boats.

Prunella Statistics
Built : -- by --
LOA : --' --"
LWL : --' --"
Beam : --' --"
Draught : --' --"
Displacement : -- tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° ------
Signal Letters : ----

Prunella Custodians
None Known

Prunella Links
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