Zyclon * 

Zyklon (Z4 N°36) Design : Published 1937 



The Zyklon called Zyclon 
Peter Vandenhirtz has owned Zyclon for twenty-five years. Some of his adventures with her were told in the Autumn 2015  issue of Crusising Yachts; By The Surgeons Eye. The photograph above, taken in 2015, shows her ashore in her shed in Ghent, Belgium. In 2019 Peter passed her on to a young Brazilian chap, Maurillo Souza, living in Gent who had worked with Jan Vandamme, restoring wooden boats in Zeebrugge. Looking for a project of his own, Peter offered his Zyclon. I'm about to email Maurillo to make him aware of the HBA.

# Fascinating Facts
# Previous custodian Robert Fallows was an HBA full member from the early days
# Fascinating Facts

Zyclon Statistics
Built : 1939 by Alfred Lockhart (Marine) Ltd, Brentford
LOA : 21' 0"
LWL : 19' 0"
Beam : 7' 2"
Draught : 4' 0"
Displacement : 4 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 183520, Cowes

Zyclon Custodians & Home Ports
Maurillo Souza (2019...) Gent, Belgium
Peter Vandenhirtz (1994-2019) Gent, Belgium
Christopher and Janine Neal (1993-?)
Robert E Fallows (?-1954-1993) Lawrenny, Milford Haven

Zyclon Links
 Zyclon, My Boat Part I, HBA Journal 74, Autumn 2015 
Zyclon, My Boat Part II, HBA Journal 76, Spring 2016 

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