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Waterbug One Design by JW & A Upham 



The Waterbug One Design
Caprice II was the first yacht Uphams built after the second world war. She continued the evolution away from the starting point of a Harrison Butler Z4, that began with Grakle (1938), Night Wind (1939) & Veritia (1939). By this point, Uphams were well on the way to perfecting the Waterbug design. Notice on the photograph above that the chain plates are still on the exterior of the hull; they are inside on the later Waterbugs. Caprice II was renamed Sionnachan in 1969. In 1986 she was taken over Germany. She's now kept in the lovely Flensburg harbour in Northern Germany, a home for many classic boats. She's taken part in the Rum-Regatta every year between 2001 and 2012. Photos and videos can be found on the Tallship-Fan website.

Sionnachan Statistics
Built : 1950 by JW & A Upham Ltd of Brixham
LOA : 24' 3"
LWL : 21' 5"
Beam : 8' 3"
Draught : 4' 6"
Displacement : 6 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 335149

Sionnachan Custodians & Home Ports 
Martin Schulz (2000-2010-?) Flensburg Harbour
Michael Crick (1974-?)
PL Stiles (1969-1973) Torquay
CF Hollman (1963-1968) Portsmouth
A Young (?-1956-1962) Chichester

Sionnachan Links
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