Lone Wolf

Poole Pilot by an unknown designer


Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf, built in 1907, photographed by Jessica Warren in 2015
“A design that caught the young Harrison Bulter's eye”

A Surviving Poole Pilot
Pat Dawson has been in touch to say that Lone Wolf has lines that are similar to the Poole Pilot, a classic design that Harrison Butler drew a variation of, published in the March 1910 issue of Yachting Monthly. Pat runs the OGA Boat Register as well as, with husband Dick, being custodian of Lone Wolf. As one would expect from this combination there is a comprehensive history of Lone Wolf on the OGA website along with several photographs. From these I selected the one below which, to me, shows just how much Lone Wolf resembles some of Harrison Butler's later work. It's fascinating to have a surviving 110 year old example of a design that was so influential and inspirational to THB. One other Poole Pilot example is known to exist, Reprieve. Pat tells me that Iseult is not a third, which I'm now looking into.
Build Date Discrepancies
It has been reported that between 1903 and 1924 it was the practice of the Lloyd's Registrars to take the build date of building arbitrarily as 6 months after launching so it's probable that Lone Wolf was launched after the end of June 1906.

Lone WolfLone Wolf photographed in 2006 by Vanessa Bird

Lone Wolf Statistics
Built : 1905-1907 by Ashton & Kilner, Poole, England
LOA : 26' 5"
LWL : 25' 0"
Beam : 9' 0"
Draught : 5' 6"
Displacement : 8 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 128988
OGA Boat Number : 1289
Signal Letters : JDSW, MFBQ

Lone Wolf Custodians & Home Ports
Pat & Dick Dawson (1983-2017...) Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England
Richard Barnard (1981-1983)
H Edgar Traylen (1960-1980) Walton-on-Naze, England
Dr AJ Fraser-Simson (1950-1960) Cowes, England
No owner listed (1948-1949) Cowes, England
HJ Capewell & WA Blatchford (?-1947-?) Cowes, England
RJ Dunsmuir (1939-?) Cowes, England
Joseph H Mew (1932-1938) Cowes, England
TCS Morrison-Scott (?-1931) Cowes, England
HB Bingham (1923-1928-?) Cowes, England
Henry Carson & Beryl Carson (1911-1922) Cowes, England
Frank Johnson (1907-1910) Cowes, England

Pat & Dick Dawson
Pat & Dick Dawson photographed by Alistair Randall, June 2017

Lone Wolf Links
Lone Wolf on OGA website

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