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Design attributed to Harrison Butler (Unathenticated) 

Anteia photograph by Michiel Scholtes, April 2018 

Classic Sailing Club Boat
The HBA's “man in the Netherlands”, Michiel Scholtes, has been following up rumours about a boat that is For Sale (May 2021) built to a Harrison Butler design, Anteia. He's tracked down the previous owner and writes, “Anje Valk, has been able to show me drawings that she made of Anteia, which she renamed Syb when she bought her in 1986. The boat was in a sorry state but over the following years Anje invested time and all her earnings which resulted in a complete restoration. In 1989 she rounded Bass Rock in Syb singlehandedly, an audacious voyage in such a small boat”.

Syb under sail
Syb under sail : Photo curtesy of Anje Valk

The boat is certainly an intriguing pre WWII vessel, built of steel, and riveted. It's interesting that she's been passed down through the years with the owners believing her to be built to a Harrison Butler design. There isn't an obvious match with a known design; the curve of the hull at the stern being a particular region of discrepancy but her constructon out of steel, rather than wood, may be the reason for modifications by the builders. Michiel points out that there are similarities with the Poole-Pilot design  of 1910. However, it's unlikely that 1939 build would fall back on a 1910 design. I consider the Bogle Design of 1934 more likely. I've passed Michiel's investigations on to the HBA authentication officer for his opinion. Meanwhile Michiel is continuing to investigate in the Netherlands.

Plans for Anteia
ABOVE : Anteia's hull form, drawn by Anje Valk
BELOW : Harrison Butler's Bogle design of 1934
Bogle design

Anteia Statistics
Built : 1938 by at Van Grevenstijn Wharf, Ijsselmonde
LOA : 27' 5"
LWL : -' -"
Beam : 8' 3"
Draught : -' -"
Displacement : - tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° ------

Anteia Custodians
Harry de Boer (1998-2021...) Lelystad, Netherlands
Anje Valk (1986-1998) Netherlands

Anteia Links
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