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18 Jul 2021 Bargain Buchanan, North Wales
18 Jul 2021 Firecrest: big reduction on listed price (ask!)
18 Jul 2021 A Thrift Shop Find...
18 Jul 2021 ...reveals how HB's Watermaiden got her name
18 Jul 2021 Famous Maurice Griffiths' Boat Sighted
18 Jul 2021 Rawanah is back in the Clyde
18 Jul 2021 Website Update
18 Jul 2021 338 boats uploaded into Maurice Griffiths list
20 Jun 2021 SOS : Boat In Trouble In Ibiza
20 Jue 2021 Damaged Boom : Can you help ?
20 Jue 2021 More detail from me or on our FaceBook page
29 May 2021 Modified Steel Harrison Butler For Sale
29 May 2021 Anteia : Netherlands, €22,000, lovely photos


28 May 2021 Resource : UK Fishing Boat Register
28 May 2021 Impressive list of past & present vessels
27 May 2021 Website Update
27 May 2021 289 boats uploaded into Crossfields list
26 May 2021 Nobbies For Sale
26 May 2021 Pilkington: Cherbourg, £28,000
26 May 2021 Master Frank: Oldest afloat on Isle of Man
25 May 2021 The Smaller The Boat...
25 May 2021 Puffin: Hillyard with character
24 May 2021 Unusual Buchanan For Sale
24 May 2021 Reynardine: A 1970s Gaff Rigged Yawl
15 May 2021 A Tale From The Deep
15 May 2021 Sule Skerry and the Ben Ainslie connection
14 May 2021 For Sale, Two McGruer Fast Cruisers
14 May 2021 Dundrum : Strangford Lough, Ireland
14 May 2021 Kelana of Clynder : Clyde, Scotland
13 May 2021 The HBA 2021 AGM
13 May 2021 By Zoom on Wed 26th May at 7 pm (BST)
13 May 2021 Further detail in the formal notification
13 May 2021 For Sale, 1934 Harrison Butler
13 May 2021 Alexa on the market  at a reasonable £15,000

The Harrison Butler designed Alexa is For Sale 

12 May 2021 Inspirational...
12 May 2021 Scott Macdonald's restoration of the Hillyard, Cena
11 May 2021 Through the letter box...
11 May 2021 The 2021 HOA Members' Handbook and Spring Newsletter

The 2021 HOA Spring Newsletter and yearbook 

10 May 2021 Welcome, Ben Freeth
10 May 2021 Ben is the new owner of the HB design yacht Little Kingfisher
10 May 2021 As the UK starts its voyage back to normality...
10 May 2021 ...we're starting to update the HBA website
11 Aug 2020 HB For Sale in Sydney, Australia
11 Aug 2020 After 40+ years with one owner, Resolution is available
03 Jun Exclusive : A “Behind the News” Report
03 Jun The backstory to Arka Kinari

Arka Kinari
One of boating's few dramatic stories of the lockdown

28 May Buchanan Brabant For Sale in Scotland
28 May The steel hulled classic, £15,000, Brave Heart
08 Mar Crossfields Boat Conference in Cumbria on 21st March 2020
08 Mar All about Nobbies : Further information and Booking Form
02 Mar 1965 Buchanan Project on eBay
02 Mar Located in Southampton, 32 feet racer Ganymede of Troy
01 Mar Bargain HB Z4 For Sale on Canvey Island
01 Mar For a most reasonable £3000, Bolduster
01 Mar Three Year Restoration, Lovingly Documented...
01 Mar ...of the Hillyard, Nandhi
30 Jan eBay Boats
30 Jan The 2.5 ton Hillyard Grace
30 Jan The restored Maurice Griffiths Eventide 26 Celtic Lass
30 Jan Maurice Griffiths Seareach 31 design Wandering Star
26 Jan The Australia Wooden Boat Festival 2020
26 Jan Pictures of the Buchanan designed Valhalla  from 2018

Australian Wooden Boat Festival 

15 Jan Junk Rigged Curiosity: Jua
15 Jan The Golden Hind 34 that : crossed the Atlantic
14 Jan FOR SALE : Six ton Falmouth Pilot from 1960
14 Jan In Dinas Boat Yard, North Wales : Deedas
12 Jan Not Lost and Not Broken-Up
12 Jan Harrison Butler designed boat reconnects

Last heard of in 1975, Cayuco makes contact with the HBA

06 Jan FOR SALE : Buchanan Designed Boat, Mystery Attached
06 Jan In Caernarfon Marina, North Wales : Alysia
05 Jan FOR SALE : 1934 Manx Nobby Motor Sailor
05 Jan Oozing history : Cair Vie
04 Jan Classic Boat's Restoration of the Year 2020
04 Jan The 1903 Nobby, Ziska is nominated
04 Jan Linton Hope's 1912 Duet is nominated
04 Jan Those who knew Neal Hill, previous owner of Naiad, ...
04 Jan ...may like to read his obituary from the OGA
01 Jan SOLD : Albert Strange designed Mist
01 Jan Bought by Russell Reed : ASA chairman
30 Dec FOR SALE : Speedy Nobby, Built As Yacht
30 Dec A Survivor from 1914 : Anna Ellidi
28 Dec McGruer 1975 All Wood Racer
28 Dec Saved from scrap, Speckled Wood (ex Nippy Sweetie)
28 Dec A Shark Wrapped Round Our Rudder
28 Dec Sydney-Hobart 2019, Comanche wins
27 Dec Fastnet Race 2021
27 Dec Farewell Plymouth, race to finish in Cherbourg
27 Dec (The 2020 race programme)
23 Dec Arthur Beal's Window Display 2019
23 Dec In London : Open until 5pm on Christmas Eve

Arthur Beal Chandlery

23 Dec Cargo Ship Grounded By Storm, Italy
23 Dec Hard on the rocks, crew evacuated : CDRY Blue
22 Dec Peter Crook's Other Boat...
22 Dec ... is the Hillyard Margaret Ann
22 Dec Classic Boat's Affordable Classics...
22 Dec ...(Part 13) is about Little Hillyards
21 Dec Alan Buchanan's Sydney-Hobart Champion
21 Dec The 1961 race winner Rival of Belmont

Sydney to Hobart Race 2019
The 2019 race starts on Thursday 26th December
Follow the 2019 Sydney to Hobart Race

21 Dec Model Boat Building
21 Dec Albert Strange's Tally Ho under mini construction
20 Dec Fed up being cold on board ?
20 Dec Taylors' Paraffin Heater ready to use on eBay (£1,600)
20 Dec FOR SALE : 1929 Hillyard Rebuild by RJ Prior & Son
20 Dec 15 year project at a bargain price : Iere
20 Dec £5.4m Luxury Yacht Goes Up In Flames
20 Dec 45+ firefighters fail to save Andiamo
19 Dec FOR SALE : Buchanan Saxon Class from 1961
19 Dec Located in Devon, Patience
19 Dec OGA Photo Competition 2019
19 Dec Two weeks left to submit entries
19 Dec Sad Demise of Trinity Sailing
19 Dec Brixham heritage fleet to be sold reports Classic Sailor
18 Dec Harrison Butler Designed Classic
18 Dec Located in Pin Mill, Omega of Broom
18 Dec The Restoration of Mischief III
18 Dec Super online article from Classic Boat
18 Dec The Royal Society of Marina Artists
18 Dec Previous exhibitions, call for 2020 submissions
18 Dec FOR SALE : Fully Restored 1898 Classic
18 Dec From January 2019's Classic Sailor magazine, Wayward
17 Dec Yachtman Magazine 1891-1939 Digitised
17 Dec Historical Treasure Trove on a Memory Stick

Yachtsman Magazine

16 Dec FOR SALE : Top End McGruer
16 Dec Twin Screw Motor Yacht Fair Alton fully restored
16 Dec IC/R 8 Metre Altrica fully restored
23 Aug An Elusive HB Designed Boat
23 Aug Owner of Hallowe'en gets in touch
22 Aug Cover Star
22 Aug Veritia  on the Guide to Rhu Marina, 2019


21 Aug Is She A Harrison Butler Designed Boat ?
21 Aug Spear Maiden is investigated
20 Aug Immaculate Ketch For Sale in Conwy
20 Aug Wing Sang is over £200,000 worth of wooden delight
19 Aug Winter Is Coming
19 Aug Taylor's parafin heater on eBay for around £460
19 Aug or new for around £1600
18 Aug Twister Association
18 Aug The classic design has an Association website
17 Aug Hamble Classics 2019
17 Aug I've had an email specifically inviting all HB designed boats
17 Aug 20th - 22nd Sept 2019 : Event Details
17 Aug Netherland Harrison Butler in Distress
17 Aug On the hard for six years :Cyclone needs rescuing
09 Aug SOLD : Albert Strange in the USA
09 Aug Sea Harmony has a new owner, at last
09 Aug Nuts & Bolts : Personal Recommendations
09 Aug In Silicon Bronze : SeaWare
09 Aug In A4 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel : Accu
08 Aug Alan Buchanan's Wind Elf Design
08 Aug She's been in PBO and Classic Boat recently; Hightime
08 Aug Research News : Albert Strange designed...
08 Aug ...The Last Voyage of Cutty Sark
01 Aug An Example To Us All : Greta Thunberg to sail...
01 Aug ...across Atlantic for UN climate summits
01 Aug Zero Carbon Sailing Is Coming
01 Aug Electric Yachts : the future is here
31 Jul Rare Rigging Item On eBay
31 Jul 3 inch lignum vitae deadeyes
30 Jul Advance Notice : HBA Laying Up Supper
30 Jul Butt & Oyster, Pin Mill on 5th October 2019 at 7 pm
30 Jul HBA Members will be notified by email in due course
30 Jul New Vice President & New Chairman of the HBA
30 Jul Congratulations to...
30 Jul Magnus Jardine Brown, our new Vice President
30 Jul Craig Nutter, our new Chairman
30 Jul All HBA Officers and Contact Details
29 Jul Naiad : Sale Pending
29 Jul Harrison Butler classic sells after only a few weeks with brokerage
29 Jul Classic Boater Of The Year, 2019
29 Jul Readers of Classic Boat Magazine vote for Jane Coombes

Jane Coombs has been voted Classic Boater of the year, 2019
The boat behind her is her Harrison Butler designed Cora A

28 Jul For Sale : Capable Buchanan Yawl in Spain
28 Jul Nausicaa crossed the Atlantic in 2014; £53000
28 Jul For Sale : Harrison Butler Influenced Waterbug
28 Jul Night Wind in need of TLC owner
27 Jul For Sale : Immaculate Albert Strange
27 Jul Mist is available for £22950
27 Jul For Sale : 12 ton Hillyard
27 Jul Spruced up, Pasiphae with asking price £19750
26 Jul 2019 YearBook Now Available
26 Jul Lists of Members, Boats and Home Ports
26 Jul Articles by Tom Cunliffe, Marilyn Bowden & the late Neal Hill
26 Jul Obtained by becoming a member of the HBA 

YearBook 2019

26 Jul Classic Harrison Butler Z4 For Sale, £9975
26 Jul On the Clyde, Mary Gray
25 Jul Interesting HB Inspired Boat For Sale
25 Jul Built in 1937 and still going strong; Gadfly Jack
25 Jul Hillyard Scrapped
25 Jul Adur Rose (ex Gay Wippet) is broken up
24 Jul Buchanan Classic Racer For Sale
24 Jul The beautiful Capella of Burnham
24 Jul SOLD
24 Jul Zephon's new home port is Enkhuizen in the Netherlands
23 Jul A New Owner For the Z4, Zyclon
23 Jul A restoration project underway in Gent, Belgium
23 Jul An Alan Buchanan Halcyon 27 Rescued
23 Jul Conwy based Corycia's new lease of life
22 Jul HBA House Flag : Order Going In Soon
22 Jul To express an interest and size preference, email mhh
22 Jul Small 18" x 12" (£30), Medium 24" x 16" (£34) or Large 36" x 24" (£37)

House Flag

21 Jul Alex Sims, Past Owner of the Z4 Marieux...
21 Jul ...has updated the boats ownership history
20 Jul Neal Hill, owner of Naiad for forty years, has died
20 Jul Neal very kindly wrote this article for the HBA last summer
19 Jul Free 2019 Imray Charts
19 Jul The entrance to The River Deban
19 Jul The entrance to The River Ore
18 Jul Davey Silicon Bronze Turnbuckle
18 Jul It's pricey but REDUCED and beautiful !
17 Jul Contact the HBA...
17 Jul For new enquiries about ownership and questions about all boats
17 Jul Enquire@HarrisonButlerAssociation.com
17 Jul For individual Officers contact details visit Who's Who
16 Jul The HBA Constitution
16 Jul Is now available to read online
15 Jul GDPR - A Reminder
15 Jul This website's privacy policy 

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