(ex Sir George Pilkington)

An Invited Friend of The Harrison Butler Association
The Gaff Yawl, Southport Nobby built in 1900

Sir George Pilkington
Sir George Pilkington racing on the Mersey

Pilkington : Some History
Pilkington used to be a well known sight on the Mersey, following a painstaking rebuild by Fred Turner in the 1980s. She was originally built as a fishing vessel in the open on a Southport beach. By the 1950s she had been converted for pleasure cruising. She lay derelict for many years in the 1970s in the Weir in Warrington, until Fred took her on. Originally called Sir George Pilkington after the Southport MP or more correctly, his wife Elizabeth's family, she's now simply Pilkington.

Name on Bow (Pilkington)
Her name on the newly painted bow, May 2021

Pilkington For Sale in France, May 2021
In May 2021 Pilkington was for sale with an asking price of £28,000.
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Sir George Pilkington as a fishing boat

Pilkington Statistics
Built : 1900 by Wright & Sons, Marshside, Southport, England
LOA : 40' 0" (excluding the bowspit)
LWL : 38' 0"
Beam : 11' 0"
Draught : 5' 0"
Displacement : 13 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° ------
National Historic Ship : N° 2706
SSR : N° -----
OGA : N° ----
Fishing Boat : N° LL78
Sail : N° LL78
Signal Letters : ----
MMSI : ---------

Pilkington Custodians & Home Ports
Andy Kirkby (?-2020-2021) Cherbourg, France
Roger Bucknall (?-c2010-?) Liverpool, England
Fred Turner (1980s) Liverpool, England
Harry Ashton (?-?) Holylake, Wirral, Merseyside, England

Pilkington Links
Pilkington For Sale with MJ Lewis & Son brokerage (May 2021)

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