Carmen of Tollesbury 
(ex Carmen of Maldon, Carmen)

An Invited Friend of The Harrison Butler Association
Built to an Alan Buchanan design in 1956

Carmen of Tollesbury


Carmen of Tollesbury : The President's Yacht
Carmen of Tollesbury was built in 1956 to Alan Buchanan's Sea Spray design. The built was modified upon the instructions of her first owner, LT Daniels, and as such she's considered to be a little more of a sea boat than is otherwise the case. Daniels went on to commission the bigger 15 ton Buchanan yacht, Firecrest in 1959.
Carmen of Tollesbury is now (September 2017) owned by Fred Kuiper, President of the Dutch Classic Yacht Society (VKSJ). He's very kindly sent me details of his boat, and has also set up an impressive page about her on the VKSJ website.
Originally called Carmen, reregistered as Carmen of Maldon in 1966, and then as Carmen of Tollesbury in 1973. It's thought that this final name was in use a little before that date.

Carmen of Tollesbury

Carmen of Tollesbury Statistics
Built : 1956 by Dixon & Kerley in Maldon, England
LOA : 26' 6"
LWL : 20' 0"
Beam : 7' 3"
Draught : 4' 6"
Displacement : 5 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 359797

Carmen of Tollesbury Custodians & Home Ports 
Fred Kuiper (?-2017) Delfzijl, Groningen, Netherlands
3rd Dutch Owner (?-?) Netherlands
2nd Dutch Owner (?-?) Netherlands
1st Dutch Owner (?-?) Netherlands
Emeet Ronald John White & Valarie Elizabeth White (1970-1994-?) Maldon, England 
Dixon & Kerley Boatyard (1969-1970) Maldon, England
Ronald S Williams (1966-1969) Maldon, England
Blackwater Yacht Charters Ltd (1961-1965) Maldon, England
Ronald CV Bye (1958-1960) Maylandsea, Essex, England
LT Daniels (1956-1967) Maldon, England

Carmen of Tollesbury Links
Carmen of Tollesbury on the VKSJ website

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