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About the HBA Website 2022

Including the website Privacy Policy, GDPR Compliance and Terms of Use

A Legitimate Interest and A Public Interest
The Harrison Butler Association website is a resource for any member of the public who is interested in small wooden sailing boats, mostly those built in the first half of the last century by key designers such as Thomas Harrison Butler, Albert Strange, Alan Buchanan, David Hillyard, and James McGruer. As such it is of particular interest to maritime historians and the producers of nautical documentaries, as well as sailors who are interested in owning or perhaps already own one of the few yachts that have survived since this 'golden age' of British small boat building. The history that comes with these yachts is often a part of the attraction of being an owner or custodian, the later term acknowledging that it's the boat rather than the owner that is often the longer lived. For many a wooden boat owner, their boat is 'the love of their life' and they care deeply about preserving both it, its history, and their part within that. Under the GDPR this website serves a legitimate interest and a public interest as defined by the GDPR; Our aim is to help preserve the historical and cultural significance of these unique vessels and the men who designed them.
A Statement Of The Personal Information Held
The primary focus of this website is upon the boats. The names of past, and in some cases present, custodians are given only because it is a part of a boat's history and to try and preserve that history into the future. Other personal information such as telephone numbers, postal addresses, financial situation, medical data, political views and sexual preferences and orientation is not presented on the website, nor indeed is it held on any computer associated with the production and maintenance of the website. Thus this website embraces Personal Information Minimisation as defined by the GDPR. In this regard this website is in step and has a similar underlying philosophy to other nautical websites such as the UK's National Historic Ships website and that of The Old Gaffers Association, for example. Many brokerage websites that deal with the buying and selling of old wooden boats, leave the boat details used to sell the yachts online after a sale is concluded, also with a view to preserving the history of these Classic Craft.
Email Addresses Held
Email addresses obtained through those contacting the website are not generally retained unless a specific request is made to the contrary. The personal email addresses of 'officers of the association' are held on the highly secure 123-Reg IP servers which hosts the HBA website, with their permission. Visitors to the website may contact, for example, webmaster@harrisonbutlerassociation.com, and this is forwarded by the 123-Reg secure email forwarding service to the webmaster's personal email account. A few officers have secure mailboxes on the 123-Reg IP hosting facility so that they can reply to emails received without revealing their personal email account. Such officers log into the 123-Reg IP hosting facility with a password known only to them, and one that they can change as they wish. Again, this demonstrates Personal Information Minimisation as defined by the GDPR.
Requests To Add to, Subtract from, or Amend the Data Held
An individual boat's page is provided primarily as a service to those who are a custodian or have been a custodian of that boat. It is 'their' page and as such every effort is made to reflect their wishes as to what is on the page. Additions, subtractions and amendments to the information therein is always welcome, and adjustments made promptly. A guiding principal is that a page portray any given boat and those associated with it in a favourable light and in a positive way. No data is included against any custodian's (past or present) wishes. The vast majority of the data is not in any way 'personal' and so in this respect this website exceeds by far the requirements of the GDPR by giving those with a legitimate interest outstanding control over the data of interest to them.
Requests Received To Remove or Anonymise Data
• 2012 none
• 2013 none
• 2014 one
• 2015 none
• 2016 none
• 2017 none
• 2018 none
• 2019 none 
• 2020 none
• 2021 none
• 2022 one   (7th February 2022)
Owner requested his boat not be on the website : Page removed within one hour.
†† Image reported to be under copyright. Removed within one hour.
Sources Of Data
Owners typically source the data for their page manually from open source blogs, forums, and enthusiasts' websites on the internet, and from paper copies of old yachting magazines such as Yachting Monthly, The Yachtsman, and Classic Boat. A valuable source of very old data is the paper copies of Lloyd's Register of Yachts, available in many museums such as The Maritime Museum in Falmouth. Many of these documents are frequently for sale on eBay at very low prices and as such, remain freely available. Past and present custodians frequently email in information that they would like added to their page on the website. It is such contacts and the information thus received that over time will make this website an increasingly valuable source of maritime historical information. Upon receipt of data the sender is reminded that is must be free of copyright restrictions and that we are accepting their submission in good faith. Please note that the HBA can give no warranties that all data on the website is copywrite free. However, should any visitor to the website notice any image or document that is in breach of copyright please alert the webmaster so that it can be removed immediately.
Control Of Data Appearing On This Website
No data can be directly 'user added'; all is reviewed carefully and evaluated thoughtfully as to it's suitability before being placed online. In general, emails received are not kept and are deleted after the information therein has been extracted. To comply with the GDPR, emails received and sent will be kept when the GDPR states it is necessary to do so to evidence that the GDPR is being complied with. Such emails will be stored on a secure server, and are unlikely to be looked at except by the GDPR Supervisory Authority should they wish to check on GDPR compliance.
Guiding Philosophy and Policy
This document concludes with an emphasis that our policy is primarily to avoid placing any undesirable material, personal or otherwise, online, and, for whatever the reason, immediately removing any data that a past or present custodian or their associated family, or any other person with a legitimate interest, objects to. No personal data is held on computers associated with the production or maintenance of the website; all is either placed online or deleted, except when and where the GDPR specifies otherwise.
Required Notifications
• Retention time of data : Unlimited
• Website Data Controller : Martin Hansen (Contact Information)
• Website Data Protection Officer : Martin Hansen (Contact Information)
• Website GDPR Compliance Officer : Martin Hansen (Contact Information)

Page last updated : 7th February 2022


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