The Firefly Design


Firefly Sail Plan 

The Firefly in Perspective
   When a stunning photograph of Jamie Clay's Firefly featured on the cover of the New Year 2017 issue of the HBA Journal,  it was perhaps inevitable that a request would be received for her line drawings. She is a graceful, stylish boat. Being actively sailed by the Clay family for over eighty years has ironed out a few issues with the design. In particular, notice that there is no bow sprit in the published design. When found to have excessive weather helm, one of three feet was added. This was then replaced with one of six feet, and sails to match.
   Firefly is based upon design N° 119 by Albert Strange. However, her first owner, Robert Lamb, wanted to cruise the shallow waters of The Broads. Harrison Butler took on the task of reducing the draught of the then late Albert Strange's design. He also reworked the rig and interior arrangements. The line drawings reproduced here are taken directly from a copy of the December 1922 issue of Yachting Monthly, published a couple of months after Firefly had been launched.

Firefly Line Drawings

Further Information
   Custodian Jamie Clay edited an eleven page article about the Firefly design which was published in the Albert Strange Association Year Book 1984. This includes a fascinating design drawing, thought to be by Harrison Butler, of a preliminary draught. It's neither of the boat that was actually built, nor of the original Albert Strange design. A reproduction of The 1984 Year Book is available from the ASA.

Firefly Specifications
LOA : 34' 9½"
LWL : 24' 0"
Beam : 7' 9"
Draught : 3' 6"
Displacement : 4.77 tons TM
Keel : Lead 2 ton 
Sail Area : About 500 sq ft

Firefly Line Drawings

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