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Designed by
Albert Strange 


Francis Cooke on Redwing (ex Cherub III)
   Cherub III is a beamy shallow-draught canoe yacht, specially designed by Albert Strange to fulfil certain conditions. She was wanted for rather a large party, comprising the owner, his wife, and two sons. Intended mostly for sketching, an easy draught was essential, so that she might lie in shallow harbours, enter the mouths of small burns, and use the harbours of the East Coast with comfort. It was also desirable that she should be light enough to be shipped abroad if required.
   During two summers she has fulfilled her purpose satisfactorily. These two seasons were spent on the West Coast of Scotland, and all sorts of weather and sea were encountered. The boat proved stiff, dry, and, in fresh winds, fast for her length; her best day's work being a cruise from Tarbert to Inverary and back to Loch Gair - forty-one miles in eight hours five minutes, rather less than a third of the distance being a turn to windward with a failing breeze. Her small sail plan is against good performance in light winds, but is a great comfort in a strong breeze, the short, slight spars adding to her stiffness. The yacht will lie to very steadily, and sail to windward with the tiller lashed a trifle to weather.
   Another yacht built from the same lines has had an addition of 12 per cent, made to her sail area, and 4 inches extra draught aft - alterations that will doubtless be found improvements so far as general speed is concerned. Cherub III was built by A Dickie and Sons, Tarbert. Loch Fyne, whose work is well known for thoroughness, good material, and care in carrying out the designer's ideas.

Redwing Half Model
A half model of Cherub III

   Illness having incapacitated Mr Strange from cruising single-handed, the yacht was purchased by W Murdoch, and is now known as Redwing. Cherub III has a generous freeboard, which makes her dry in a seaway, and has enabled the designer to obtain 5 feet 7 inches headroom in the cabin. The yacht's best point of sailing is to windward, as compared with other yachts of the same size, her extreme stiffness making up for her light draught. She also runs well and steady, but on a broad reach in strong winds carries a good deal of weather helm. This is doubtless due to her great proportional beam.

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Redwing Statistics
Built : 1910 by AM Dickie & Sons, Loch Fyne, Tarbert
LOA : 28' 6"
LWL : 23' 0"
Beam : 8' 2"
Draught : 5' 3"
Displacement : 6 tons TM
Lloyd's Register : N° 133057
OGA Boat Number : 1597
Design N° 121
Signal Letters : JDMK, MFBD

Redwing Custodians & Home Ports 
James King (?-2016-2017...) Loch Feochan, Scotland
Jeremy F Burnett (?-1993-?) Falmouth, England
Brian Law (1982-2004-?)
Colin Erskin (1972-1982)
Jack Erskine (?-1934-1971) Glasgow, Scotland
W Macintyre (?-1927-?) Glasgow, Scotland
William M Gordon (?-1923-1924-?) Glasgow, Scotland
W Murdoch (?-?) Glasgow, Scotland
Albert Strange (1911-?) Scarborough, England

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