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Attributed to
Albert Strange 


Sir Arthur Eborall CBE 
From The Supplement to the London Gazette, 1 January 1934
Sir Ernest Arthur Eborall is the only known custodian of Mary

A Puzzle from The Lloyd's Registers
The Lloyd's Registers list Mary, designed by Albert Strange, between 1923 and 1947, always with the same owner, Arthur Eborall. During the war years, Sir Arthur Eborall worked for the Board of Trade. Born in 1880, he died in 1946. The history of Mary is not known from that point on. Although attributed to Albert Strange, Mary has yet to be authenticated, not least because it is not known to which of the known Albert Strange designs she was built to. It is possible she's built to an unknown AS design or, indeed, is simply wrongly attributed. For these reasons she is not listed in the Albert Strange Authenticated Boat List in John Leather's book.

John Leather's book on Albert Strange
Mary's not listed in John Leather's book as she has yet to be authenticated
as being genuinely built to an Albert Strange design

Mary Statistics
Built : 1912 by W Roberts, Sons & Co, in Chester, England
LOA : 23' 0"
LWL : 17' 6"
Beam : 6' 4"
Draught : 2' 3"
Displacement : 3 tons TM 
Design : N° ---

Mary Custodians & Home Ports
Sir Arthur Eborall CBE (?-1923-1947-?) Southampton

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