Cherub II 

An Invited Friend of the Harrison Butler Association
Designed by
Albert Strange 

Cherub II
A half model, built by Peter Ward, of the Albert Strange canoe yawl Cherub II.
The model sold at auction for £1,375 in September 2011.

One of Albert's Early Design Experiments 
Over the winter of 1893-1894 Albert Strange replaced Cherub with a slightly smaller craft, Chureb II. Her plans were published in the 1893 Yearbook of the Humber Yawl Club. In the summer of 1895, full of resolve to visit old friends, he sailed her down the east coast to the Thames via the Humber and Trent, and described this six week cruise in the first of the several illustrated articles he wrote for Yachting Monthly some years later.
In 1896, he arranged for Cherub II to be transported by the ship Lady Martin from London Docks to Portsmouth to attend a meet of the British Canoe Association at Wootton, Isle of Wight. After the meet Strange sailed Cherub II along the south coast, around Dungeness and along the east coast of Kent into the Thames and Gravesend, a trip of some 200 miles which forms the subject of Chapter 7 in John Leather's book on Albert Strange. Soon afterwards, Cherub II was sold.

Cherub II
Albert Strange aboard Cherub II
Photograph from The Albert Strange Association

Tracing the history of Cherub II after she left Albert's care is proving difficult. She was last reported, and photographed, in 1949 in the Solent. If any reader knows more, please get in touch.

Cherub II Statistics
Built : 1893 by James Frank, Scarborough
LOA : 22' 2"
LWL : 17' 7"
Beam : 5' 10"
Draught : 1' 10" and 3' 2"
Displacement : 3 tons TM
Design N° 12

Humber Yawl Club Yearbooks

Cherub II Custodians & Home Ports 
JC Pike (?-1911-?) Christchurch
Albert Strange (1893-1897) Humber

Cherub II Links
Design drawings for Cherub II on Canoe Yawl website

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