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XX XXX Wind speed and wave height Windfinder for the next five days
XX XXX Wind right now: Super-computer animation updated every 15 minutes
XX XXX Synoptic Charts from the UK MET office for next five days
XXX XX Swell forecast with chart for a week ahead
XX XXX ASA : The Albert Strange Association
XX XXX HBA : The Harrison Butler Association
XX XXX HOA : The Hillyard Owners Association
XX XXX OGA : The Old Gaffers' Association
Research Tools
XXX XX YourBoatPix : 4,500 picture a searchable database
XXX XX Photographic Mining on Flickr Images
XXX XX W Stebbings & Sons : Family Archive 1871 - 1967
XXX XX Woodenboat's American Register of Wooden Boats
XXX XX MARS : Maritime Access Retrieval System
XXX XX Online Chandlery : Classic Marine in Woodbridge
XXX XX Silicon Bronze Fastenings : Seaware
XXX XX Winter Cover : Canvas : Acrylic coated
XXX XX Winter Cover : Thread : UV Resistant, heavy duty
XXX XX Winter Cover : Webbing : Polyester 25 mm - 2 ton load
XXX XX Winter Cover : Buckle : As used on many a rucksack, 25mm
XX XXX Taylor's Paraffin Stove Spare Parts
XX XXX Blakes Heads Spare Parts
XX XXX LED battery lighting bulbs from Bedazzled
XXX XX Passive Radar Reflectors YM's informative article from 2012
XXX XX Frost Protection Hyco 200 watt Heater
XX XXX World's Most Interesting Nautical Shop Culpepper Nautical in Florida
XX XXX On board WiFi etc: Cactus Navigation
XX XXX £5000 'at sea' satellite broadband system
Charts, Almanacs & Maps
XXX XX Online charts : Free from Google & Navionics
XX XXX Online Almanac SailingAlmanac.Com FREE !
XXX XX Visit My Harbour Online info on harbours, marinas...
XXX XX Where to drop the hook in Scotland : ScottishAnchorages.co.uk
XXX XX Southampton : Yachtsman's Guide plus A3 size chart
XX XXX Admiralty Charts Todd navigation £23.30 each
XX XXX Antares Charts 2017 CD/Memory Stick of 373 charts (Scottish waters) ~£12
XX XXX OS Landranger Maps Dash for it £6.29 each
Publications (Yachting in General)
XXX XX Yacht Design in the Twentieth Century : Daniel B MacNaughton
XXX XX The Irish Cruising Club Annuals 1931-2016
XX XXX Written in 1946 An Insight on Anderson, Rigden and Perkins Ltd
XX XXX CB's Ten Cabin Yachts Under £10 000 inc Yonne design
XX XXX CB's advice on restoring a wooden yacht
XX XXX From 50s & 60s Amateur Yacht Research Society issues as free PDFs
XXX XX Yachting 1900 to 1970 by Paul Rawlinson
Publications (Specific Designers)
XX XXX Mark Miller's Catalogue of HB Designs (PDF, free download)
XXX XX Mark Miller, Jamie Clay : Albert Strange, Yacht Design, Construction & Cruising
XX XXX HBA logo PNG : PDF : SVG : Postscript

The HBA Logo 2017
The HBA Logo, redesigned February 2017

XXX XX Classic Boat : Harrison Butler's Zyklon Design in May 2016 Issue
XX XXX HBA Chairman's letter, 2014
XX XXX Cruising Yacht's; Design & Performance 1st Edition
XX XXX Cruising Yacht's; Design & Performance 4th Edition
XX XXX The Yachtsnet feature on the Z4
XX XXX Vanessa Bird's lovely review of the Z4
XXX XX Classic HB design inspires Scottish Boating Blog
XX XXX The Run Of The Tide inc Photos & Chapters on Peradventure
XX XXX The book on Albert Strange republished 2015: His life & works
XX XXX YM's 1912 Design Competition inc THB's Fatmeh dinghy design
XXX XX Alan Buchanan : Classic Boat article
XXX XX The life and designs of Kim Holman : Classic Boat article
XXX XX Maurice Griffiths : Sixty Years A Yacht Designera (Amazon)
XXX XX Maurice Griffiths : The Magician of The Swatchways (AbeBooks)
XXX XX Maurice Griffiths : The Magic of The Swatchways (eBay)
DIY Projects
XX XXX D'Vara's Self Streering
XX XXX Half models held byThe Royal Thames Yacht Club
XX XXX By Harrison Butler: Vindilis, Zenocrate & Erla*
XX XXX By Albert Strange: Innisfallen,Tally Ho, Redwing, & Sea Harmony
Other Yachting Associations
XX XXX BCYC : The British Classic Yacht Club
XX XXX Maurice Griffiths : EOA :Eventide Owners' Association
XX XXX Maurice Griffiths : EOG :Eventide Owners' Group
XX XXX Laurent Giles' Vertue Design
XX XXX Berthon Gauntlets
One Minute Video (Tramontana, English Channel, Summer 2012)

Tramontana Video 


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