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04 Jan The NEW YEAR 2019 Issue of Cruising Yachts is Out Now !
04 Jan Many thanks to the contributors for an inspiring start to 2019

Cruising Yachts, Issue 84, New Year 2019 

19 Nov Oh dear : Hillyard Scrap For Sale
19 Nov Two 12 inch portholes for £150 each
18 Nov Rare Original WWII Kriegsmarine U-Boat Clock
18 Nov Astonishingly, it works too for £2640
17 Nov Ed Burnett Yacht Designs
17 Nov A selection of plans, drawings and notes Coming Soon
16 Nov An Absolute Bargain
16 Nov A Hillyard in sail away condition in Brighton Marina for £2,500

Enf Of Season Bargain, Malina, £2500 (open to offers)

15 Nov Pretty 1920s Seascape Watercolour...
15 Nov ...on eBay by John Hamilton Glass
14 Nov Davey Silicon Bronze Turnbuckle
14 Nov It's pricey but beautiful
13 Nov Rope Standing Rigging ?
13 Nov The technology is here
12 Nov Designed by THB's Daughter
12 Nov Whatever happened to the 2004 build of Prima ?
11 Nov An Affordable Classic
11 Nov Classic Boat's June 2018 article on Harrison Butler's Z4
10 Nov Wooden Spinnaker Pole (9 feet)
10 Nov On eBay, located in Southampton for £75
10 Nov Originally made for a 12 ton Hillyard
09 Nov Pride of Norwegian Navy...
09 Nov ... was warned it was on a collision course
08 Nov Z4 Bolduster's New Paint Job
08 Nov She's now based on Canvey Island
05 Nov Members Only Area Updated...
05 Nov ...with a new show-stopping article featuring a HB designed boat
05 Nov (You'll need your Members Only Username and Password)
04 Nov Bad News For North Devon
04 Nov Historic Appledore shipyard to close
03 Nov Letter in Classic Boat, December 2018
03 Nov Breaking News on the HBA's Certificate of Authenticity
02 Nov John Krejsa Dies After Completing Retirement Project
02 Nov His astonishing renovation of the Albert Strange designed Mist
01 Nov Harrison Butler Designed Boats Recently SOLD
01 Nov Zircon , Yarinya and Jane
31 Oct Top 15 All Time Sailing Films
31 Oct With many more recommended in the comments
30 Oct Albert Strange Watercolours on eBay
30 Oct Fishing Boats £95 and a coastal scene £120
29 Oct Membership Offer
29 Oct First time HBA memberships from today onward are given
29 Oct the remainder of 2018 FREE and all of 2019 Apply Now !
28 Oct Classics Event At Cowes 2019
28 Oct FaceBook page includes: photos of 2018 event

Cowes Spring Classics 2018

27 Oct Contact the HBA...
27 Oct For new enquiries about ownership and questions about all boats
27 Oct Enquire@HarrisonButlerAssociation.com
27 Oct For individual Officers contact details visit Who's Who
09 Sep Quality Sells
09 Sep Harrison Butler designed Constar is already under offer
08 Sep Whatever Happened To... ?
08 Sep HB inspired Spindle sells for a fraction of former value
22 Aug Newsletters of the Albert Strange Association
22 Aug The four most recent are available to Members of the HBA
22 Aug You will need the User Name and Password emailed to Members a few weeks ago
21 Aug A Famous Albert Strange Designed Boat
21 Aug Her glory days and her demise: Stornoway
20 Aug The HBA Constitution
20 Aug Is now available to read online
19 Aug GDPR - A Reminder
19 Aug This website's privacy policy
18 Aug George Holmes' Eel is For Sale
18 Aug Built in 1897, beautifully restored by Aan Staley
17 Aug Ann Davison's Felicity Ann, Fully Restored...
17 Aug ... is to feature in the Sep/Oct issue of Wooden Boat
17 Aug The Wooden Boat magazine's website
01 Aug FOR SALE : Professionally Restored Z4
01 Aug The Harrison Butler designed Constar will be soon available

Photograph of the restored Constar

31 Jul SOLD this week
31 Jul The Hillyard Monica Deare
31 Jul The Buchanan Florence Rose (renamed Libertine)
31 Jul The Buchanan Crackerjack Of Hamble
31 Jul The Dickies Of Tarbert built Morna
30 Jul More On The Windfall Yachts
30 Jul Suna in particular, plus links to others
29 Jul First Brass Plaques Posted To Members
29 Jul If you own a Harrison Butler designed boat, you'll want one !

Photograph of an Authentication Brass Plaque being posted

28 Jul Meet On The River Deban : Aug 31st - Sep 2nd
28 Jul Russell Read, Albert Strange Association Chairman has invited HB designed boats
28 Jul You're welcome to email me, Martin Hansen, for more info
27 Jul Echoes Of Albert Strange
27 Jul Elka, professionally restored For Sale for £10,000 with CYB
26 Jul Sail Aboard A Windfall Yacht
26 Jul Sea Scamp photographed in Kinsale today
25 Jul Alan Buchanan Designed Chanterelle...
25 Jul ...for sale on eBay (£22,500)
24 Jul Harrison Butler Designed Fairwind Photographed
24 Jul Rory Wilkinson posts a picture
23 Jul Harrison Butler Designed Dindy Photographed
22 Jul At last, a picture of Dindy : Taken by Mary Watson
22 Jul Hillyard Restoration Project On eBay
22 Jul Built in 1933, 8 ton, located in Cornwall : Windflower
22 Jul Classic Sailor Post First Six Issues Free Online
22 Jul Including No. 2 : The Artful Yachts Of Albert Strange
21 Jul Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof, Crushproof and Freezeproof
21 Jul The Olympus TG-5 camera is built to survive at sea
20 Jul Ship Salvage For Sale
20 Jul Probably the biggest trader in the UK : Trinity Marine
20 Jul SOLD
20 Jul The Alan Buchanan designed Thendara
20 Jul The David Hillyard designed Tamarisk
07 Jul Beautiful "Designed by Dr T Harrison Butler" Brass Plaques
07 Jul Orders being taken now : How to apply

Photograph of an Authentication Brass Plaque

04 Jul Hong Kong, 1953 : Prunella The Sunk Yonne
04 Jul Mysterious Harrison Butler designed boat investigated
03 Jul Zante Located After 19 Years
03 Jul Robert Griffiths spots a 'missing' Z4
02 Jul SOLD
02 Jul Yarinya is "Gereserveerd" (Reserved pending a survey)
01 Jul The Summer Issue of Cruising Yachts Is Out Now !
01 Jul Thanks to the many contributors who made this our best issue yet

Cruising Yachts, Issue 83, Summer 2018 

30 Jun Quest Being Launched in 1936
30 Jun Previously unseen image of a Harrison Butler designed classic
29 Jun Official Sail Number Allocation...
29 Jun ...for boats designed by Harrison Butler
28 Jun Bespoke, Hand-Carved Boat Names
28 Jun by Roger Hall
28 Jun Roger runs DIY letter carving workshops in Devon


27 Jun Harrison Butler "Under Sail"
27 Jun 1988 BBC programme synopsis
27 Jun (Alas, the documentary itself is not available online)
26 Jun Windfall Yachts - "Prizes Of War"
26 Jun BBC "Under Sail" programme from 1985 (YouTube, 20 minutes)
25 Jun Albert Strange two Minute Documentary
25 Jun A quick briefing on the great yacht designer (YouTube)
24 Jun Lord Nelson's Watch...
24 Jun ... expected to fetch £450,000 at auction
23 Jun 1 Metre Rule
23 Jun Useful to accurately plot positions on a chart
22 Jun Many Old Issues Of...
22 Jun ... Classic Boat to read online
22 Jun For the most recent why not subscribe ?
21 Jun Information Sought...
21 Jun ... on the eBay Hillyard Marita Tu
20 Jun The 2018 Golden Globe Race
20 Jun Retro-racing, 1968 style, around the world
19 Jun Harrison Butler Designed Mat Ali...
19 Jun ... spotted in Salcombe in company with Ivy Green
19 Jun More on Ed Burnett designed Ivy Green : OGA website
18 Jun Out on DVD
18 Jun Staring Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz, The Mercy
18 Jun All four seasons of Black Sails
17 Jun The Classic Yacht Brokerage...
17 Jun ... has a new website
16 Jun Summer Reading
16 Jun Just published : The Irish Cruising Club's 2017 Annual (Free PDF)
16 Jun Good Price on Arctic and Northern Waters (£40)
15 Jun Resource : Interactive Chart Finder
15 Jun For both Imray and Admiralty Charts
15 Jun (But note that Leisure Folios are not included)
14 Jun Resource : Admiralty Chart Corrections
14 Jun By Chart Number
13 Jun Robin Knox-Johnson
13 Jun Published this week : On Seamanship and Seafaring
12 Jun Back In Print : Geoff Taylor, Transatlantic Yachtsman
11 Jun The Harrison Butler designed Watermaiden's epic voyages

Patrick Burgess

11 Jun Historic Boat Builder Shuts Down
11 Jun Sadly, RJ Prior in Burnham-on-Sea has closed
10 Jun Four 'Unknown' Harrison Butler Designed Boats
10 Jun Zyklon Z4, 1942 : Tahar
10 Jun LOA 28' 6", 1946 : Stormvogel
10 Jun LOA 36' 1", 1967, Steel : Nyxie
10 Jun LOA 27' 2", 1935, Steel : Raboud
10 Jun Information on the above welcome !
09 Jun Vintage Motor Sailer Seeks Younger Owner
09 Jun Hillyard Twin Screw Ketch, 1931 : Stalled Restoration
08 Jun The Mystic Seaport's 27th Annual Wooden Boat Show
08 Jun June 22 - 24th : Near New York, USA
07 Jun Diesel Bug
07 Jun PBO tests 12 treatments
06 Jun Free 2018 Imray Charts
06 Jun The entrance to The River Deban
06 Jun The entrance to The River Ore
05 Jun Following Last Weekend's Successful Solent Gaffer's 60th Birthday Party...
05 Jun ...registration is open for the OGA's 55th Anniversary, August 2018
04 Jun Eastern Yachts Brokerage Closes
04 Jun Wishing Adrian Espin happiness in his retirement
03 Jun Terrific Price on Chart Correction Pens and Ink
03 Jun Marsmatic 700 0.18 £13
03 Jun Marsmatic 700 0.25 £13
03 Jun Plus Aero Colour Violett Ink £9
02 Jun Notices To Mariners
02 Jun Admiralty chart corrections, cumulative as six month PDFs
02 Jun Antares chart corrections for Scottish waters
02 Jun Imray chart corrections database access
01 Jun Another Hillyard, Going For A Song on eBay
01 Jun Ashore, Thornham Marina (Solent) restoration, £50
23 May eBay Bargain
23 May Hillyard Fortuna III £2495 => £107.56
23 May (Update : SOLD for £360)
22 May SOLD
22 May McGruer designed Albertine
21 May SOLD
21 May Classic Maurice Griffiths Gaff Cutter Wendy May
20 May Cowes Spring Classics Photographs
20 May Sabrina amongst those racing last weekend
12 May eBay
12 May Hillyard Reduced £3000 => £2495 Fortuna III
11 May Need A Replacement Cutlass Bearing ?
11 May Many 'quirky' sizes in stock : Countrose Bearings
10 May Z4 in June 2018 Classic Boat
10 May Lovely piece as June's Affordable Classic
09 May A Reminder !
09 May HBA to Meet At Solent Gaffer's 60th Birthday Party: visit OGA website

OGA 60th Birthday Party
The HBA's Summer Meet is part of this OGA event
Half the berths are now booked !
Remember to request a berth alongside the other
Harrison Butler designed boats if you have still to register

08 May SOLD : The Harrison Butler Derived Fiddler's Green
08 May Meet the new owner, Michael Williams
07 May Beta Marine 30 hp Engine
07 May New £6,500 : This one on eBay for £2,450
07 May Plus Yachting Monthly's outline costs on Installing It Yourself
05 May Conwy Harbour
05 May Three old photographs of this charming North Wales port
27 Apr Hillyard Malina Now Priced To Sell
27 Apr Ready to sail, South Coast, £6500 with CYB
25 Apr Six Metre Classic For Sale, McGruer Built
25 Apr Successful racer, Duet for ÿ,000 with Sandman
24 Apr Admiralty Charts, £22.68
24 Apr I can personally recommend Todd Navigation
23 Apr Big Hillyard For Sale
23 Apr Wendy Woo's with Wooden Ships for £57,000
22 Apr One Of Harrison Butler's Lesser Known Designs
22 Apr Published in 1941 in collaboration with Douglas Birt, The Duclair Design
22 Apr (This is the first time this design has been available online)
21 Apr Buchanan Price Reduction
21 Apr £25,000 ==> £19,950 Thendara
20 Apr eBay : Hardwood Off-Cuts
20 Apr Sapele: 18 kg for £15 (inc delivery)
19 Apr Is Anteia Built To A Harrison Butler Design ?
19 Apr In the Netherlands Michiel Scholtes investigates
18 Apr FOR SALE : Sister Ship To Nancy Blackett
18 Apr Going for £2995 on eBay: Fortuna III
18 Apr (Spotted by Myriam Spicka)
17 Apr Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience (iPlayer)
17 Apr Rhod's training with The Royal Navy
16 Apr Her Famous Owners Include Charles Nicholson...
16 Apr ...built in 1898 and rescued from dereliction: Tammie
15 Apr The 22 Ton Yacht Built From Harrison Butler's Book...
15 Apr ...and then sailed from Singapore to Portsmouth: Yam Seng
14 Apr FOR SALE : In Maine, USA
14 Apr Built to Harrison Butler's Bogle design Trade Wind

Trade Wind
The HBA last heard from Trade Wind in 1999
Now For Sale after 17 years of family ownership 

13 Apr HBA Laying Up Supper - Advance Notice: 29th September 2018
13 Apr At the Ferry Restaurant on the River Hamble at the Elephant Boat Yard
13 Apr FOR SALE : After 20 Years Of Ownership...
13 Apr ...a boat built to Harrison Butler's Yonne design Yarinya
12 Apr Tramontana's Irish Sea Jaunt, Summer 2017
12 Apr Photos of this Harrison Butler designed boat's recent voyages
11 Apr A FaceBook Request For Help...
11 Apr ...result in Tom Cunliffe stepping aboard
09 Apr Big 20 ton Hillyard, Coming To Market, May 2018
09 Apr Advance notice that Wooden Ships will be selling Wendy Woo
08 Apr Distress Call : Harrison Butler Project For Sale
08 Apr Netherlands, Yonne design: Thalamege less than £3000


08 Apr Still Available : Z4 With Price Reduction
08 Apr £2,550 off the Harrison Butler designed Zircon

Zircon Advert in Classic Boat, July 2017
Zircon being advertised in Classic Boat, July 2017
She's been reduced in price from £7,500 to £4,950

08 Apr Sale Pending of Alan Buchanan Classic
08 Apr Brokerage Wooden Ships success selling Capella Of Kent
08 Apr Albert Strange News
08 Apr Anyndah's Epic Race of 1931
08 Apr • An 'Unknown' AS designed boat; Veronique, built 1926
08 Apr • Did Albert Strange design this boat ? Cutty Sark, built 1925
08 Apr • Under Offer Sea Harmony
07 Apr Not In Records Held By The HBA
07 Apr Australian (Unauthenticated) Harrison Butler designed Winnibelle
06 Apr Previously Unknown To The Association
06 Apr A third boat built to Harrison Butler's Fastnet design of 1928
05 Apr Family Friendly McGruer 1929 Boat For Sale
05 Apr Full of character, £20,000; Judith
04 Apr Classic Harrison Butler Zyklon For Sale
04 Apr She sailed from Shetland to Cornwall in 2016 : Zephon
03 Apr Updated Imray Charts
03 Apr New editions of Suffolk and Essex Coasts and Kent and Sussex Coasts
02 Apr Inland Refit Provides Tourist Attraction
02 Apr McGruer built, cutting edge design in 1974; Kyla II
01 Apr The Most Famous Wooden Cruising Boat
01 Apr McGruer built, Tom and Vicky Jackson's Sunstone
31 Mar 1922 Harrison Butler Designed Project For Sale
31 Mar Major works done, historically important, Kandoo


30 Mar Second Oldest Albert Strange Designed Boat For Sale
30 Mar Not yet officially on the market, Dick Wynne's Leona
29 Mar A Star of The BBC's Soap Opera, Howard's Way...
29 Mar ...Hillyard Red Goose is back on the Solent Scene
28 Mar Resource
28 Mar Historically Important Vessels : National Small Boat Register
02 Mar North Wales' Holyhead Marina Devastated By Storm Emma
02 Mar • Force 10 winds cause havoc
02 Mar • Pontoons 'came apart'
02 Mar • Many small craft sunk or aground
02 Mar BBC News plus video report
02 Mar FaceBook Photographs
26 Feb iPlayer Documentary
26 Feb PQ17 An Arctic Convoy Disaster
25 Feb Historical Resource
25 Feb The Australian and New Zealand Boat Register
22 Feb A Warm Welcome and Wonderful Sailing
22 Feb Showcase event returns for 2018 Brixham Heritage Regatta

Brixham Heritage Regatta 2018
Free Mooring, Courtesy Breakfast, Fireworks...

19 Feb Once Restored - The Oldest Motor Lifeboat Afloat
19 Feb Malcolm Brown and his project to relaunch Helen Smitton
18 Feb AR Luke Restoration Project in Liverpool, £2200
18 Feb One of the few surviving Teal ODs Lalerne
17 Feb Updated : Who's Who at the HBA 2018
17 Feb Including 'clickable' email contact details
15 Feb Connections : Thomas Harrison Butler & Claud Worth...
15 Feb ... and the amazing history of Tern II
14 Feb If you want a 'serious' sewing machine...
14 Feb ... look at these (But hold on to your wallet!)
13 Feb Buchanan Project Boat For £2000
13 Feb To East Anglian design : Caballo De Mar
12 Feb The Mercy
12 Feb Trailer for the film staring Colin Firth about Donald Crowhurst
10 Feb Under Offer...
10 Feb The HB designed, multiple Atlantic Crossing Watermaiden
10 Feb The HBA AGM
10 Feb Reminder : Tomorrow, in Guildford
09 Feb Where is she now ?
09 Feb Lucie Flowers looking for her late father's Hillyard Blue Nymph
08 Feb Sale pending...
08 Feb The bargain Hillyard Dawn Lady
07 Feb SOLD
07 Feb The McGruer designed & built Rowan IV
04 Feb A Stunning Photograph...
04 Feb ...of the Harrison Butler designed Greylag
03 Feb eBay Hillyard
03 Feb MJB (ex Elmaco), 9 ton in Tichmarsh Marina, Walton-On-Naze
02 Feb Unheard Of For 28 Years
02 Feb The Harrison Butler designed Zyklon Mary Niven
31 Jan Shipbuilding At Shoreham, England
31 Jan Yachts built by Stow & Son include a couple by Albert Strange
31 Jan Published : The Harrison Butler Association Year Book 2018
31 Jan 44 pages of articles, full colour photographs, plus details of members and their boats
31 Jan Obtained by becoming a member
24 Jan Romadi's History
24 Jan New information on this Rose of Arden design classic
23 Jan Morning Flight : A Crowdfunded Restoration
23 Jan An optimistic way to raise funds
17 Jan Sailmakers' Tool Kit
17 Jan Everything to get you started : £569
16 Jan Like A Big Folkboat, Or A Twister
16 Jan The McGruer built Talisker Of Lorne, £40,000
14 Jan Nobby Owners Association
14 Jan An attractive website all about these classic wooden boats
13 Jan Naval History Resource Website
13 Jan For serious military research into casualties and ship losses
10 Jan Diary Date : HBA 2018 AGM
10 Jan Sunday 11th February in Guildford
10 Jan Current members have been notified by email
03 Jan Traditional Taylor's Paraffin Stove on eBay
03 Jan Model 030 with oven, £2450 new, going for £500

02 Jan Charts In New Year Sale
02 Jan Todd Navigation : Admiralty Paper Charts, £22 each
01 Jan The Boat Harrison Butler Had Built For Himself
01 Jan A couple of terrific recent photographs of Vindilis
31 Dec For Sale: Classic Harrison Butler Yonne Design
31 Dec Based in the Netherlands, £14,700 : Yarinya
30 Dec The London Boat Show 2018
30 Dec Between Wednesday 10 and Sunday 14 January
29 Dec SOLD
29 Dec The Harrison Butler designed Caracole
28 Dec List Your Boat For Sale For Free...
28 Dec ...on the Classic Sailorwebsite
27 Dec Designer And Boat Builder, Alexander Robertson & Son
27 Dec Impressively detailed information about the Scottish yard on Wikipedia
27 Dec Two Previously Unpublished 1911 Photographs...
27 Dec ...of boats built by Alexander Robertson & Son; Yo-San and Stella
23 Dec Launched in 2006, but Designed in 1899
23 Dec Albert Strange designed Constance is For Sale
11 Dec Designed By A Pupil Of Albert Strange
11 Dec GU Laws' 9 ton canoe yawl Dawn For Sale £60,000
10 Dec Laurent Giles' Peter Duck Design
10 Dec Calyx of Ipswich sports a stylish modern livery
08 Dec High Quality Hillyard Bargain
08 Dec Dawn Lady's owner is desperate to sell
07 Dec Simply Stunning
07 Dec The Albert Strange designed Venture is For Sale for £220,000
01 Dec New Brokerage Listing
01 Dec Hillyard, 9 ton, new engine, £10,000 Lady Ailsa
24 Nov Black Friday Price Reduction
24 Nov The Classic Harrison Butler designed boat Watermaiden: reduced to £9850


22 Nov HOA AGM in London on Friday 5th Jan 2018
22 Nov Would anyone like to attend on behalf of the HBA ?
19 Nov CRUISING YACHTS : By The Surgeon's Eye
19 Nov The Autumn 2017 issue : Updated Boats For Sale 

Cruising Yachts, Autumn 2017

09 Nov The Previous Owner Of HB Designed Diana, ...
09 Nov ...Greg Skelton, on his recent voyages
07 Nov Immaculate Hillyard For Sale
07 Nov New Listing : Lady Grey, £24,950 from The Classic Yacht Brokerage
07 Nov Plus a lovely painting of her under sail
06 Nov Website News
06 Nov A new boat list on "McGruer Designed or Built" Och Aye!
05 Nov Yachting History In Scotland
05 Nov Lovely website on James McGruer and Alfred Mylne
02 Nov The OGA's Eastcoaster Newsletter
02 Nov The last 15 issues are available as free downloads
01 Nov The Life and Designs of Kim Holman
01 Nov Informative Classic Boat article on the great British designer of yachts
31 Oct Famous Yacht As Restoration Project in Conwy, North Wales
31 Oct Harry Mitchell's James McGruer designed Tuloa completed the 1976 OSTAR
30 Oct Yachting Monthly's Dick Durham
30 Oct Three boats; Almita, Powder Monkey and Wendy May
29 Oct Single Handed Cruising by Francis B Cooke
29 Oct The classic text, in PDF form, as a free download 

Single Handed Cruising by Francis B Cooke

28 Oct The Prettiest Yacht In Conwy
28 Oct Olive Mary is classic Maurice Griffiths from 1931
27 Oct Where Wykeham Martin Developed His Furling Gear
27 Oct Built in 1903 White Moth was the test bed
26 Oct Website News
26 Oct "Resources" updated
26 Oct Hand Lead Sounding Line (Christmas Idea)
26 Oct The theory and where to buy one
25 Oct A Taste Of Luxury
25 Oct After a no-expense spared restoration, Wayward's For Sale for £395,000
24 Oct Two Boats Built by Mashford Brothers' Cremyll Shipyard in Plymouth
24 Oct First solo crossing of the Atlantic by a woman Felicity Ann
24 Oct Multiple crossings of the Atlantic Watermaiden
23 Oct End Of Season Bargain
23 Oct Very impressive Victorian Racing Yacht for only £15,000

22 Oct Sale Of Shona Falls Through
22 Oct Albert Strange style boat is again available
21 Oct The Caledonian Maritime Research Trust
21 Oct Searchable database of 35,000 vessels built in Scotland
20 Oct HB Englyn Derived Fiddler's Green
20 Oct YouTube of this Canadian Gaff Rigged beauty under sail
20 Oct She's one of 16 Harrison Butler designed boats available to buy
19 Oct Meet Tally Ho's New Owner...
19 Oct ... and marvel at what he's taken on...
18 Oct GL Watson : The Book and The Boat
18 Oct Book : Art and Science Of Yacht Design, £65
18 Oct Boat : Peggy Bawn, £300,000
18 Oct Oil Painting : South Coast One Design
18 Oct On eBay for £350
17 Oct Where The Hillyard Boats Were Built
17 Oct Rare image with “Hillyard” discernible on the right
17 Oct Plus a high quality slideshow of the area as it is now

Hillyard Boat Builders, c1960
Hillyard's boat building establishment on the River Arun in Littlehampton c1960

17 Oct Dictionary of Sailing Terminology
17 Oct It's free, searchable and online
16 Oct Albert Strange Canoe Yawl
16 Oct Shona built in 1914 is a delight

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00 --- Visit The News Archive

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