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20 Sep The Shell Channel Pilot
20 Sep The 8th Edition of Tom Cunliffe's essential guide is published
18 Sep Race Results : Hamble Classics 2017
18 Sep Great to see Mischief III, Sabrina & Destina all taking part
17 Sep Mat Ali's 2017 Race
17 Sep The Channel Classic Regatta's Harrison Butler designed entry
13 Sep SOLD
13 Sep The Albert Strange designed Emerald has a new custodian
05 Sep For Sale
05 Sep The Canadian built, Toronto based, HB derived Englyn Fiddler's Green
04 Sep Teak Built Harrison Butler Z4
04 Sep Welcome to David & Beryl Baggot, new custodians of Mary Niven
04 Sep Movie Star Hillyard
04 Sep Image of Cassandra taken from the recent movie of the same name

From the film Cassandra

03 Sep Mystery Boat Identified
03 Sep Armed with only the number 187953...
02 Sep The President's Yacht
02 Sep Fred Kuiper and his Alan Buchanan designed Carmen of Tollesbury
01 Sep Albert Strange Designed Boat For Sale
01 Sep Based on the Isle of Bute Emerald's asking price is £20,000
31 Aug Naval History Documentary
31 Aug The Dreadnoughts of Scapa Flow on BBC iPlayer
30 Aug Piecing Together the Z4, Garleffan's, History
30 Aug Jerry Cartwright's father, Harry, is a past custodian

Sir Bernard Fergusson
Bernard Fergusson's account of his time as an officer in Burma.
Later Knighted, he was one of Garleffan's first owners.

20 Aug Frank Mulville and Schooner Integrity
20 Aug An informative article on crossing the Atlantic in Iskra
20 Aug A classic of sailing literature; Schooner Integrity on Amazon from £0.89
15 Aug Royal Cruising Club Framed Presentation...
15 Aug ...depicting members voyages 1890-1980 on eBay for £230
03 Aug One Buchanan Out, One Buchanan In
03 Aug The Admiral's Cup boat featured in CRUISING YACHTS is Sale Pending
03 Aug So next issue we'll feature Roma Of Rhu built to Buchanan's Saxon design
02 Aug Terrific Historic Photograph...
02 Aug ...of Lindy II being raced in Falmouth Classics 2014
23 Jul Australian News
23 Jul The Harrison Butler Tamaroa (Thuella design) is SOLD
22 Jul This Weekend's HBA Summer Meet
22 Jul Due to adverse weather has moved to Birdham Pool, Chichester
22 Jul Contact Richard Farmer for details
20 Jul Waterbug Memories
20 Jul James Bearblock with some history of Friar Tuck
16 Jul HBA South Coast Summer Meet on 22nd July 2017
16 Jul It's in Hasler Marina, Portsmouth, by the Lightship
16 Jul Contact Richard Farmer for details
15 Jul Hillyard News
15 Jul Daydrema is Under Offer
15 Jul Plus some history of Yeoman's Maid sent in by Aimée Waasdorp
15 Jul And a rare photograph of Iskra Frank Mulville's boat (of Schooner Integrity fame)
14 Jul A Fascinating Account Of Solent Small Yacht Building
14 Jul from roughly 1900 to 1970 by Paul Rawlinson
14 Jul (Mentioning Harrison Butler, Albert Strange and many others along the way)
29 Jun CRUISING YACHTS : By the Surgeon's Eye
29 Jun The HBA's Quarterly Journal : Summer Edition 2017 - OUT NOW ! 

CRUISING YACHTS : By the Surgeon's Eye, Summer 2017 

28 Jun Z4 Being Advertised in Classic Boat
28 Jun Ed Allen's Zircon is For Sale 

Zircon For Sale
Zircon being advertised For Sale in Classic Boat, June 2017

28 Jun Royal Navy News : Sea Trials Begin
28 Jun Video of HMS Queen Elizabeth squeezing under Forth Rail Bridge
27 Jun Britain & The Sea (iPlayer)
27 Jun David Dimbleby's 2013 nautical jaunt in his wooden boat Rocket
26 Jun A Sequence Of Extraordinary Owners
26 Jun Hephzibah a 1963 Buchanan racer For Sale with Wooden Ships
25 Jun Round The Island Race 2017...
25 Jun ...is next Weekend July 1st 
24 Jun Imke Relaunched
24 Jun HB classic built in 1928 is looking immaculate 

Imke Relaunched 

23 Jun Little Kingfisher at the OGA
23 Jun Lovely summary of her history to date
22 Jun Harrison Butler And His Z4s
22 Jun Classic HB design inspires Scottish Boating Blog
21 Jun Mystic Seaport's 26th Wooden Boat Show
21 Jun A little north of New York on 30th June - 2nd July
20 Jun USS Fitzgerald
20 Jun Search for crew ends after last weekend's collision
19 Jun eBay
19 Jun HB's book, 4th edition £4.99
18 Jun Another Massive Price Reduction...
18 Jun Jolanda £28,400 ==> £14,400
17 Jun Alan Buchanan Boat List
17 Jun Our comprehensive list of all boats built to Buchanan designs
16 Jun More Good News from The Albert Strange Association
16 Jun Jamie Clay's Muldonich restoration project has funding
15 Jun Tally Ho Rescue Succeeding
15 Jun The Albert Strange Association is making a difference
15 Jun Tally Ho's story to feature in next month's Classic Sailor
14 Jun The Family Archive of...
14 Jun ...W Stebbings & Sons, boat builders 1871 - 1967
13 Jun Reduced...
13 Jun Caracole £15,000 ==> £10,950
12 Jun Five Page Article on a Harrison Butler Designed Boat....
12 Jun ... in the December 2016 issue of Boating New Zealand
10 Jun Cheeki Rafiki Tragedy
10 Jun Deaths the result of 'poor maintenance' jury told
09 Jun Great Expectations - Dashed
09 Jun Land Rover BAR, led by Sir Ben Ainslie: America's Cup elimination
08 Jun Alan Buchanan in Classic Boat
08 Jun Informative article on the respected 1950s/1960s designer
07 Jun Falmouth Classics, 16th - 18th June 2017
07 Jun Still time to enter and be added to the participants list
07 Jun Many other classic boat festivals listed on our events page
06 Jun New Taylor's Stove Parts from the 1950s
06 Jun Flame spreaders for £3 each (eBay)
06 Jun (I can confirm that these work well on my Taylor's stove - Martin)
06 Jun Also, a complete two burner stove (no oven) with tank for £450 (eBay)

Taylor's Stove

05 Jun Home Ports Chart
05 Jun Here is the latest version (Uses JavaScript)
05 Jun Additions, subtractions and amendments to the webmaster, please

Home Ports Chart

04 Jun eBay Hillyard
04 Jun Restoration project in Poole, 9 ton, starting at £1000
03 Jun Silicon Bronze Fastenings
03 Jun Reasonably priced at Seaware
22 May Price Reduction
22 May Watermaiden £15950 ==> £13000
22 May (Part exchange also considered)
21 May Albert Strange Watercolour on eBay
21 May A Scottish scene for £149
17 May Albert Strange Association Sailing Meet 2017
17 May Walton Backwaters August 25 - 27
17 May Photographs from the ASA's 2016 Meet
14 May A Wealth Of Historical Information
14 May The Irish Cruising Club Annuals 1931-2016
10 May Unknown Z4's History Revealed
10 May Arthur Emslie with news and photographs of Marieux
06 May In Classic Boat, June 2017
06 May One family's experience of the Round the Island Race
06 May on a 26ft Harrison Butler yacht : Buy the June 2017 issue

Sue Peake
June's Classic Boat article features artwork by Sue Peake

30 Apr Spring 2017 Issue of The HBA Journal
30 Apr The latest issue is OUT NOW !

Spring 2017, Issue 80 of the Journal of the HBA

25 Apr What's On 2017
25 Apr Plan your summer : 32 classic yacht events
22 Apr Boat Jumble
22 Apr The Beaulieu Boat Jumble 2017 takes place tomorrow
21 Apr To Compliment The Splendid Classic Boat Article...
21 Apr ...on Albert Strange's Wenda Design: The German new-build Wenda
20 Apr The History of Ardglass
20 Apr Research from her Irish custodian
19 Apr New HBA Membership Arrangements
19 Apr Unpopular 'Associate Membership' scrapped
19 Apr New 'single', 'joint' and 'family' memberships introduced
19 Apr Full details on our updated Membership web-page
18 Apr Deadeyes For Sale
18 Apr Two pairs on eBay for £89.99


17 Apr Broken Up
17 Apr The Z4, Kelana, is no more
04 Apr Veritia : Recent Photograph And News
04 Apr An update from this well known Waterbug
03 Apr ASA Crowdfunding Raises £2450...
03 Apr ...towards saving Tally Ho (so far)
02 Apr eBay Project Hillyard
02 Apr The boat is Miss Ruth and in Emsworth
01 Apr White Heather 1932 Photograph Uncovered
01 Apr Classic image of a Poole Pilot under sail
31 Mar HB Boats Formally Invited to Start Bay Rally and Race
31 Mar It's taking place in Dartmouth, 30th June - 2nd July 2017
31 Mar More information and contact details on OGA website
30 Mar Sale Pending...
30 Mar ...on the delightful Z4 Mary Gray
21 Mar Hannah Cunliffe Is The New Director of National Historic Ships
21 Mar Well known HBA member secures key role at NHS
20 Mar Under Offer...
20 Mar The charming Solent based Little Kingfisher
19 Mar An Extraordinary Find...
19 Mar A photograph of Cautious Clara has been sent in
17 Mar Nelson's Caribbean Hell-Hole (BBC iPlayer)
17 Mar Documentary on life in the tropics in Nelson's day
16 Mar Forty Year Old Engine Scrapped
16 Mar YouTube of Tramontana's old BMC being hoisted out
03 Mar Albert Strange Association's Bid To Rescue Classic
03 Mar £30,000 needed to get Tally Ho back to the UK from USA
02 Mar Nick Gates Restored Hillyard For Sale
02 Mar £40K restoration going for £19,995 on eBay
01 Mar Sinking Of Peggotty : Both Captains Fined
01 Mar WWII era wooden boat lost in collision with Ferry
28 Feb Get In Touch With The HBA
28 Feb Officers' new 'clickable' email addresses
28 Feb (All the old still work too)
26 Feb Poole Pilot Investigations
26 Feb Rumoured to still be around: White Heather, built 1908
25 Feb Harrison Butler's Poole Pilot Design Of 1910
25 Feb The inspiration may have been Lone Wolf
24 Feb Visit My Harbour Dot Com
24 Feb A resource website packed with useful information
21 Feb Askadil's Transatlantic Crossing of 1966
21 Feb Feature with photographs : Motor Boating March 1967
20 Feb Antifouling Bargains...
20 Feb Hempel Tiger Xtra Antifouling 2.5L : £56.95
20 Feb International Primocon Grey Antifoul Primer 2.5L : £51.99
16 Feb USA News : Zingara Rescued
16 Feb She's been sold and moved to Martha's Vinyard
15 Feb Newly identified HB designed boat Astrophel
15 Feb Added to the HBA website
14 Feb The New Official HBA Logo
14 Feb In various file formats (png, pdf, svg, ps) in Resources

The HBA Official Logo
The Official HBA Logo, redesigned February 2017

13 Feb Classic HB 'Bogle Design' Yacht For Sale
13 Feb Owned by Charles Rayner in the 1960s
13 Feb All Harrison Butler designed boats currently For Sale

Caracole For Sale 2017

12 Feb Accurate Charts of Scottish Waters
12 Feb The 2017 DVD/Memory Stick of Antares Charts
11 Feb Did Charles Devereux Marshall sail with THB ?
11 Feb We suspect a the two sailed together aboard Maud
11 Feb If you have evidence they did, please let us know...
11 Feb 'Lives of Fellows' : Marshall, Charles Devereux
10 Feb Reminder : HBA AGM 2017 is Tomorrow
10 Feb Guildford Golf Club from 1 pm, SatNav Postcode: GU1 2HL
09 Feb Australian Restoration Opportunity
09 Feb Quest of Sydney available to “the right person” 

Quest of Sydney 

08 Feb Worried Trump May Turn Off GPS ?
08 Feb Time to buy a sextant
07 Feb Zephon SOLD
07 Feb New custodian sailed her from Shetland to Cornwall
06 Feb The Firefly Design of 1922
06 Feb Albert Strange modified by Harrison Butler: First time online
05 Feb Geoff Taylor: Transatlantic Yachtsman Published
05 Feb Book about HB designed Watermaiden available on Amazon
04 Feb Previously Unseen Photographs of Jaslia
04 Feb Omega design, about to launch in Cornwall, 1939

Photograph courtesy of Gary Mitchell,
son of Percy Mitchell who built Jaslia in 1939 

03 Feb Hillyard Restoration Project At Titchmarsh Marina
03 Feb Nine ton MJB ex Elmaco available
03 Feb John Titchmarsh's article on HB designed Memory
29 Jan New Year 2017 Issue of The HBA Journal
29 Jan The first issue for 2017 is OUT NOW !

New Year 2017, Issue 79 of the Journal of the HBA

27 Jan Was Wanda renamed Aita Pea Pea ?
27 Jan The search has lead to Paimpol, France
26 Jan Archived Film (15 minutes) from 1963
26 Jan ...on building a wooden fishing boat
25 Jan Naval Navigation on iPlayer
25 Jan The BBC QI quiz program goes nautical
24 Jan Z4 REDUCED by £3000
24 Jan Zircon is now £5000
23 Jan SOLD
23 Jan Harrison Butler inspired Spindle
22 Jan Wooden Ships Kicks Off 2017 With Sale of 20 Ton Hillyard
22 Jan Previous owners of Wendy Woo include Sir David Mansel Lewis
22 Jan who's first boat was a Z4 - Does anyone know which one ?
21 Jan A Boat Called Wanda
21 Jan Sailing legend, Henry Wakelam; His HB designed boat
20 Jan BBC Documentary on The Queen Mary
20 Jan The world famous Ocean Liner (iPlayer)
19 Jan Vendee Globe Race Finish Likely This Evening
19 Jan Extreme sailing's moment of glory (Telegraph)
19 Jan Track the boats in real time
18 Jan 2017 Year Book Out Now
18 Jan You can only get a copy by becoming a member 

Year Book 2017 

21 Dec Seasalter at Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2017
21 Dec Great write-up: Vintage Seasalter Sees South Seas

Australian Wooden Boat Festival

20 Dec Nick Gates & Co's Restoration of Mary Gray
20 Dec Lovely work beautifully photographed
20 Dec (Incidentally, Mary Gray's currently for sale for £7,500)
19 Dec Is She Harrison Butler Designed ?
19 Dec Sister to Sage, meet Astrophel
18 Dec American Register of Wooden Boats
18 Dec Doing something about the demise of Lloyd's
17 Dec Classic Beken Photography Exhibition
17 Dec Until June 2017 at The Brett Gallery, Sussex
16 Dec SOLD : Updated
16 Dec Welcome Meaghan and John Flannery, Amiri's new custodians
15 Dec How To Build A Nuclear Submarine
15 Dec Documentary on the Astute class on iPlayer 
14 Dec Vindilis Restoration Photographs From 2002
14 Dec Aÿ Way's revamped website features the work done 
13 Dec On The Verge Of Being Broken Up...
13 Dec ...Ardglass, the first Cyclone II, has been saved 
12 Dec 100th Anniversary of Albert Strange's Death...
12 Dec ...to be honoured at the Albert Strange Association's 2017 AGM
12 Dec Diary date: Scarborough, 3rd - 5th March. Join the ASA for £10 
11 Dec Oldest Albert Strange Design Afloat
11 Dec Sheila gets a mention in Classic Boat 
10 Dec HBA Chairman's Letter in Classic Boat
10 Dec Fund for wooden boat building and maintaining 
09 Dec Obituary
09 Dec Theo Rye's life is celebrated 
09 Dec (The May 2016 Classic Boat featured Theo's article on HB's Z4 design)
04 Dec Write for the HBA Journal
04 Dec The New Year 2017 edition is in preparation
04 Dec Contributions to editor Martin Hansen, please
04 Dec In case you missed it, here's the Autumn 2016 issue

Autumn 2016, Issue 78 of the Journal of the HBA

02 Dec A Memory Stick of Lloyd's Registers
02 Dec A valuable resource for yachting historians in digital form 
01 Dec On The Cover Of The Latest Issue Of PBO...
01 Dec ..and inside too : “Harrison Butler Designs” 

PBO January 2017 Cover

27 Nov Z4 For Sale
27 Nov Mary Gray's a 'new listing' with TCYB - £7,500
25 Nov Titanic's Tragic Twin
25 Nov The Brittanic disaster of 1912 (iPlayer)
24 Nov The First Hillyard Built ?
24 Nov From the first London Boat Show in 1922, Twinkler
23 Nov Seamanship And The Small Craft Sailor
23 Nov An interesting essay on boat size
23 Nov ... and the resulting discussion
22 Nov Three For Sale With Classic Yacht Brokerage
22 Nov Newly listed today : Caracole (£15,000)
22 Nov The ocean crossing Watermaiden (£15,950)
22 Nov And the distinctive Jane (£10,000)
16 Nov Maurice Griffiths Classic Books at £3 inc P+P
16 Nov Sixty Years A Yacht Designer at Amazon
16 Nov The Magician of The Swatchways at AbeBooks
16 Nov The Magic of The Swatchways at eBay
08 Nov Solent based Little Kingfisher
08 Nov Up-to-date list of all HB designed Boats For Sale
05 Nov Thalamege Design Resolved To Be (Emsworth) Yonne
05 Nov Like Hallowe'en reports Paul Leinthall-Cowman
03 Nov Zingara features in Wooden Boat Magazine
03 Nov 'Lost' boat still exists and is For Sale (PDF)
02 Nov Guide To England's South Coast
02 Nov The BBC's 'Coast' programme (iPlayer - Licence needed)
01 Nov The HBA FaceBook Group
01 Nov Several interesting posts recently and lots of photographs
31 Oct Professional Action Photo...
31 Oct ... of Mischief III in the 2016 Round The Island Race
30 Oct A Few Desirable Books (Lowest Prices inc P+P - Xmas Ideas!)
30 Oct Harrison Butler Cruising Yachts, 5th ed : £15.31
30 Oct Albert Strange Yacht Designer and Artist : £14.41
30 Oct The David Hillyard Story : £77.80
30 Oct Laurent Giles, An evolution of Yacht Design : £53.40
29 Oct An 'Unknown' Boat to HB's Memory Design of 1911
29 Oct Boating New Zealand article provides detail and images
29 Oct UPDATED by Paul Leinthall-Cowman : HBA Authentication Officer
28 Oct HBA AGM 2017 (Advanced Notice)
28 Oct Guildford Golf Club, Saturday 11th February 2017
27 Oct Frustrated Netherlands Yacht Broker...
27 Oct ...hints that Cyclone may be 'Going for a Song' 

Cyclone For Sale

26 Oct Zest : Broken Up But Not Forgotten
26 Oct Charming, previously unpublished, photo of her in her prime
25 Oct For Sale in Australia
25 Oct The 1984 built Isabella for £18,900
10 Oct The Albert Strange Association Summer Meet 2016
10 Oct A gallery of photographs
09 Oct Photographs of Græalan
09 Oct Thanks to Phil MacGregor for sending them in
06 Oct Canadian Boat That Cruised The Galapagos
06 Oct Ocean going Galatea being advertised in 2005
03 Oct Unheard Of Since 1980, Reconnected 2016
***Oct Phil MacGregor with news of Græalan
30 Sep SOLD
30 Sep Congratulations to Peter James, new custodian of Mayfly
28 Sep Beloved Amiri For Sale in Australia
28 Sep Immaculate and highly desirable classic HB for £24,750
25 Sep Amazing Voyages Log : Cautious Clara
25 Sep England to Gambia River written by Keith Murray
20 Sep A FaceBook Post From America
20 Sep Brad Tineus with photos and news of Chencharu
18 Sep A Watercolour of the Englyn Design, Cora
18 Sep By Canadian artist Betty Ann Anderson
17 Sep Materials For Winter Covers
17 Sep Acrylic coated to resist water and mildew : Canvas
17 Sep UV Resistant, heavy duty : Thread
17 Sep Polyester 25 mm - 2 ton load : Webbing
17 Sep As used on many a rucksack, 25mm : Buckle
16 Sep Watermaiden Price Reduction
16 Sep She's now £15,950 with Boatshed, Plymouth
15 Sep Albert Strange Watercolours on eBay
15 Sep Cottage On The Shingle : £14.99
15 Sep On The Tweed : £34.55
15 Sep St John's River, Isle of Man : £14.99
15 Sep Looking East from Pollock Beach : £16.00
14 Sep Z4 For Sale With MJ Lewis Boat Sales Ltd
14 Sep The brokerage listing for Ed Allen's Zircon
12 Sep Harrison Butler's Helaneh Design from 1912
12 Sep Original Competition Entry in German magazine Die Yacht
12 Sep Helaneh design inspired by Claud Worth's Maud

Helaneh Design 

03 Sep An 'Unknown' Z4 - Her Story
03 Sep Doug Clark reminisces about Zemmery
02 Sep Following Publication of THB's Poole Pilot Design
02 Sep A second surviving boat is found : Reprieve
01 Sep Falmouth Classics
01 Sep Good to see Mat Ali taking part
26 Aug FOR SALE : Z4 on Rivers Stour & Orwell
26 Aug Ed Allen is about to put Zircon on the market
17 Aug Z4 FOR SALE in Frankfurt, Germany
17 Aug Jacaranda, well known to the HBA, asking price £2,800
14 Aug Highly Desirable Harrison Butler Designed Mayfly is FOR SALE
14 Aug 'Restoration of the Year' classic boat could be yours for £12,500
13 Aug Free to a Good Home
13 Aug Son & Daughter to give away late father's 2.5 ton Hillyard
10 Aug Almonde's New Custodian Shouts "Ahoy !"
10 Aug She's now in Dartmouth and being spruced up
06 Aug Bembridge Summer Meet, 20th August 2016
06 Aug Mischief III and Vindilis confirmed.
06 Aug If you'd like to join in the fun, please let Richard Farmer know.
05 Aug Albert Strange News - Major Restoration
05 Aug Mist rumoured to be ready to reveal this Autumn
04 Aug Harrison Butler Designed Boats At Southern Yacht Club Classics
04 Aug Vindilis, Sabrina, Mischief III and Destina are amongst the
04 Aug boats attending the event on 24th September 2016
28 Jul The Canoe Yawl by Richard Powell
28 Jul Historically important, published on 5th August 2016

Canoe Yawl from Lodestar Books

27 Jul SOLD - Dick Wynne buys Leona
27 Jul Second oldest Albert Stange designed boat in good hands
26 Jul Albert Strange Association East Coast Meet
26 Jul Harrison Butler boats welcome : 26-28 August 2016
25 Jul Mandamus Launch Day, 1947
25 Jul Two black and white archive photographs
24 Jul Thalamege For Sale At Half Price
24 Jul Asking price reduced to £3,750
23 Jul Watermaiden For Sale on eBay
23 Jul Refurbished and ready to go for £18,000
23 Jul 19 other HB and related boats For Sale in the Summer 2016 Journal
09 Jul New Issue of The HBA Journal Published
09 Jul The Summer 2016 edition is ONLINE NOW !

Summer 2016, Issue 77 of the Journal of the HBA

08 Jul The Harrison Butler With Royal Connections
08 Jul New pictures and information about Almonde
08 Jul Yonne Archive Photograph From 1954
08 Jul Large black & white image from Yachting Monthly
07 Jul Pictures of UK Built Sea Salter From 1931
07 Jul An expensive yacht built to HB's Fastnet design
06 Jul Mischief III In Round The Island Race 2016
06 Jul On corrected time, she kept up with Gypsy Moth IV (FaceBook)
05 Jul 'Lost' since 2005 - Thalamege Is 'Found'
04 Jul Up for auction coming weekend, guide price 8000 Euros


04 Jul Painting Of Zeta Features In Art Exhibition
04 Jul Custodian captures the magic of sailing a Z4

Zeta Painting

03 Jul How Much To Build ? (Fascinating Facts)
03 Jul Greylag, Ardglass, Cora A, Peradventure,
03 Jul Minion, Faraway, Sea Salter and Dorothea
02 Jul SOLD
02 Jul Omega of Broom has a new custodian

Omega of Broom - SOLD
Omega of Broom is Andrew Gair's new boat

01 Jul Diary Date : HBA Laying Up Supper 2016
01 Jul At the Oyster Inn, Pin Mill on the 10th of September
01 Jul Early expressions of interest by email to the UK East Coast Social Secretary
01 Jul This event and many more listed on our Events Page
30 Jun Cimba's Fate Now Known
***Jun She was wrecked on the Ningaloo Reef in 1990
***Jun Obituary for Cimba's Don Marshall who died in 2013
28 Jun eBay Boat Is Sole Build To Paida Design
28 Jun Here's what's been discovered about Mytica
27 Jun Harrison Butler Yacht on eBay, £5,000
27 Jun I've emailed the seller to find out more about this boat
24 Jun Hallowe'en Photo Album 2001-2009
24 Jun A collection of images from the Netherlands

Ewoud Bon and Family sailing Hallowe'en
Custodian Ewoud Bon and family sailing Hallowe'en, June 2009
Photo by Bruno Moerkerken

23 Jun Othona Under Construction
23 Jun Rare images from 1937 found 

Othona Under Construction, 1937
One of six previously unseen photographs of Othona on 'Launch Day', 1937

22 Jun Eight Minor Updates : 'New' Previous Custodian Names
22 Jun Cora, Peradventure, Kandoo, Ballerina,
22 Jun Trade Wind, Faraway, Dorado Of Keyhaven and Marieux
21 Jun Publicity For The HBA...
21 Jun .... on the Maritime Web Award British Winners Page
15 Jun Sold (Subject To Survey)
15 Jun IoW based Mandamus has a new custodian
14 Jun Built in Singapore in 1947 Using HB's Book
14 Jun Yam Seng's last known position is Portsmouth in 1950
11 Jun HBA Website Wins Gold Award
11 Jun The “Maritime Web Award” acknowleges excellence
11 Jun within the non-commercial maritime website community

Maritime Web Award

09 Jun Mat Ali : Old Advert From 1947
09 Jun Asking price of £2,420 converts to £91,360 in 2016
08 Jun An Unexpected Find : 1953 Advert For Seven Seas
***Jun Built in Scotland, 1947, six years later For Sale in Australia
07 Jun At The Breast Maritime Festival (13th-19th July 2016)
07 Jun See the Harrison Butler designed yacht Naiad
06 Jun The Hillyard Owners' Association
06 Jun Have their AGM in Cornwall on 18th June 2016
06 Jun Like to attend on behalf of the HBA ? email me
04 Jun Ara Traced To The Mediterranean
***Jun Taken there as deck cargo on a fishing boat
03 Jun Planning A Summer Voyage ?
03 Jun Where to drop the hook in Scotland : ScottishAnchorages.co.uk
03 Jun Plus, for the whole of the UK and Ireland visitMyHarbour.com
02 Jun 100 Years Ago : The Battle of Jutland
02 Jun The biggest naval battle of Word War I (iPlayer)

Jutland Destroyers In Action

01 Jun Classic Boat's Article on Harrison Butler's Zyklon Design
01 Jun Is free to read on pages 64-65 of May 2016 Issue
01 May Silicon Bronze Fastenings
01 May Impressively quick supplier of a high quality product
21 Apr Google Maps For The Sea
21 Apr The amazing free online charts from Google & Navionics
03 Apr Peter Ward Half Model Sold At Auction
03 Apr Englyn design, Almonde, bought for £371
24 Mar Old Lloyd's Registers For Sale on eBay
24 Mar Around £80 each : 1896, 1905, 1911 and 1914
24 Mar Alternatively, they've all (1879-1980) been digitised !
13 Mar The Table In The Floor
13 Mar Design genius realised aboard Lindy II (Plans & Photos)
04 Mar Working With The Grain Of The Wood
04 Mar There is a right way and a wrong way (YouTube)
04 Mar (With thanks to Robert Griffiths for the link)
03 Mar Resource : MARS
03 Mar Look up your boat on the Maritime Access Retrieval System
03 Mar As an example, here's MARS for Tramontana
24 Feb Puzzled By The Word "Corinthian" ?
24 Feb The evolution in meaning and use of the word
24 Feb (Thanks to Michiel Scholtes for the link)
22 Feb The Early Adventures of Peter-Tangvald
22 Feb Lots of pictures of Dorothea, his HB designed boat

00 --- For Older NEWS...
00 --- Visit The News Archive


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