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18 Feb AR Luke Restoration Project in Liverpool, £2,200
18 Feb One of the few surviving Teal ODs Lalerne
17 Feb Updated : Who's Who at the HBA 2018
17 Feb Including 'clickable' email contact details
15 Feb Connections : Thomas Harrison Butler & Claud Worth...
15 Feb ... and the amazing history of Tern II
14 Feb If you want a 'serious' sewing machine...
14 Feb ... look at these (But hold on to your wallet!)
13 Feb Buchanan Project Boat For £2000
13 Feb To East Anglian design : Caballo De Mar
12 Feb The Mercy
12 Feb Trailer for the film staring Colin Firth about Donald Crowhurst
10 Feb Under Offer...
10 Feb The HB designed, multiple Atlantic Crossing Watermaiden
10 Feb The HBA AGM
10 Feb Reminder : Tomorrow, in Guildford
09 Feb Where is she now ?
09 Feb Lucie Flowers looking for her late father's Hillyard Blue Nymph
08 Feb Sale pending...
08 Feb The bargain Hillyard Dawn Lady
07 Feb SOLD
07 Feb The McGruer designed & built Rowan IV
04 Feb A Stunning Photograph...
04 Feb ...of the Harrison Butler designed Greylag
03 Feb eBay Hillyard : £1
03 Feb MJB (ex Elmaco), 9 ton in Tichmarsh Marina, Walton-On-Naze
02 Feb Unheard Of For 28 Years
02 Feb The Harrison Butler designed Zyklon Mary Niven
31 Jan Shipbuilding At Shoreham, England
31 Jan Yachts built by Stow & Son include a couple by Albert Strange
31 Jan Published : The Harrison Butler Association Year Book 2018
31 Jan 44 pages of articles, full colour photographs, plus details of members and their boats
31 Jan Obtained by becoming a member
24 Jan Romadi's History
24 Jan New information on this Rose of Arden design classic
23 Jan Morning Flight : A Crowdfunded Restoration
23 Jan An optimistic way to raise funds
17 Jan Sailmakers' Tool Kit
17 Jan Everything to get you started : £569
16 Jan Like A Big Folkboat, Or A Twister
16 Jan The McGruer built Talisker Of Lorne, £40,000
14 Jan Nobby Owners Association
14 Jan An attractive website all about these classic wooden boats
13 Jan Naval History Resource Website
13 Jan For serious military research into casualties and ship losses
10 Jan Diary Date : HBA 2018 AGM
10 Jan Sunday 11th February in Guildford
10 Jan Current members have been notified by email
03 Jan Traditional Taylor's Paraffin Stove on eBay
03 Jan Model 030 with oven, £2450 new, going for £500

02 Jan Charts In New Year Sale
02 Jan Todd Navigation : Admiralty Paper Charts, £22 each
01 Jan The Boat Harrison Butler Had Built For Himself
01 Jan A couple of terrific recent photographs of Vindilis
31 Dec For Sale: Classic Harrison Butler Yonne Design
31 Dec Based in the Netherlands, £14,700 : Yarinya
30 Dec The London Boat Show 2018
30 Dec Between Wednesday 10 and Sunday 14 January
29 Dec SOLD
29 Dec The Harrison Butler designed Caracole
28 Dec List Your Boat For Sale For Free...
28 Dec ...on the Classic Sailor website
27 Dec Designer And Boat Builder, Alexander Robertson & Son
27 Dec Impressively detailed information about the Scottish yard on Wikipedia
27 Dec Two Previously Unpublished 1911 Photographs...
27 Dec ...of boats built by Alexander Robertson & Son; Yo-San and Stella
24 Dec Z4 Price Reduction
24 Dec £2,000 off the Harrison Butler designed Zircon

Zircon Advert in Classic Boat, July 2017
Zircon being advertised in Classic Boat, July 2017
She's been reduced in price from £7,500 to £5,500

23 Dec Launched in 2006, but Designed in 1899
23 Dec Albert Strange designed Constance is For Sale
11 Dec Designed By A Pupil Of Albert Strange
11 Dec GU Laws' 9 ton canoe yawl Dawn For Sale £60,000
10 Dec Laurent Giles' Peter Duck Design
10 Dec Calyx of Ipswich sports a stylish modern livery
08 Dec High Quality Hillyard Bargain
08 Dec Dawn Lady's owner is desperate to sell
07 Dec Simply Stunning
07 Dec The Albert Strange designed Venture is For Sale for £220,000
01 Dec New Brokerage Listing
01 Dec Hillyard, 9 ton, new engine, £10,000 Lady Ailsa
24 Nov Black Friday Price Reduction
24 Nov The Classic Harrison Butler designed boat Watermaiden: reduced to £9850


22 Nov HOA AGM in London on Friday 5th Jan 2018
22 Nov Would anyone like to attend on behalf of the HBA ?
19 Nov CRUISING YACHTS : By The Surgeon's Eye
19 Nov The Autumn 2017 issue : Updated Boats For Sale 

Cruising Yachts, Autumn 2017

09 Nov The Previous Owner Of HB Designed Diana, ...
09 Nov ...Greg Skelton, on his recent voyages
07 Nov Immaculate Hillyard For Sale
07 Nov New Listing : Lady Grey, £24,950 from The Classic Yacht Brokerage
07 Nov Plus a lovely painting of her under sail
06 Nov Website News
06 Nov A new boat list on "McGruer Designed or Built" Och Aye!
05 Nov Yachting History In Scotland
05 Nov Lovely website on James McGruer and Alfred Mylne
02 Nov The OGA's Eastcoaster Newsletter
02 Nov The last 15 issues are available as free downloads
01 Nov The Life and Designs of Kim Holman
01 Nov Informative Classic Boat article on the great British designer of yachts
31 Oct Famous Yacht As Restoration Project in Conwy, North Wales
31 Oct Harry Mitchell's James McGruer designed Tuloa completed the 1976 OSTAR
30 Oct Yachting Monthly's Dick Durham
30 Oct Three boats; Almita, Powder Monkey and Wendy May
29 Oct Single Handed Cruising by Francis B Cooke
29 Oct The classic text, in PDF form, as a free download 

Single Handed Cruising by Francis B Cooke

28 Oct The Prettiest Yacht In Conwy
28 Oct Olive Mary is classic Maurice Griffiths from 1931
27 Oct Where Wykeham Martin Developed His Furling Gear
27 Oct Built in 1903 White Moth was the test bed
26 Oct Website News
26 Oct "Resources" updated
26 Oct Hand Lead Sounding Line (Christmas Idea)
26 Oct The theory and where to buy one
25 Oct A Taste Of Luxury
25 Oct After a no-expense spared restoration, Wayward's For Sale for £395,000
24 Oct Two Boats Built by Mashford Brothers' Cremyll Shipyard in Plymouth
24 Oct First solo crossing of the Atlantic by a woman Felicity Ann
24 Oct Multiple crossings of the Atlantic Watermaiden
23 Oct End Of Season Bargain
23 Oct Very impressive Victorian Racing Yacht for only £15,000

22 Oct Sale Of Shona Falls Through
22 Oct Albert Strange style boat is again available
21 Oct The Caledonian Maritime Research Trust
21 Oct Searchable database of 35,000 vessels built in Scotland
20 Oct HB Englyn Derived Fiddler's Green
20 Oct YouTube of this Canadian Gaff Rigged beauty under sail
20 Oct She's one of 16 Harrison Butler designed boats available to buy
19 Oct Meet Tally Ho's New Owner...
19 Oct ... and marvel at what he's taken on...
18 Oct GL Watson : The Book and The Boat
18 Oct Book : Art and Science Of Yacht Design, £65
18 Oct Boat : Peggy Bawn, £300,000
18 Oct Oil Painting : South Coast One Design
18 Oct On eBay for £350
17 Oct Where The Hillyard Boats Were Built
17 Oct Rare image with “Hillyard” discernible on the right
17 Oct Plus a high quality slideshow of the area as it is now

Hillyard Boat Builders, c1960
Hillyard's boat building establishment on the River Arun in Littlehampton c1960

17 Oct Dictionary of Sailing Terminology
17 Oct It's free, searchable and online
16 Oct Albert Strange Canoe Yawl
16 Oct Shona built in 1914 is a delight

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